Where does student’s money go?

White all Spartans pay to attend Michigan State, few actually know where their money goes. Civil engineering sophomore Tyler Frederick is one of many students who said he wishes he was more informed about what costs his tuition is actually covering. According to the National Center for Education Statistics Website, Michigan State University reported the […]

The Controversy Behind “Tiger Moms”

By Courtney Rivette What are your favorite memories about being a kid? Attending sleepovers, having play dates, being in a school play, chilling out with TV or computer games? Yale professor Amy Chua’s children were allowed to do none of these things. A self-proclaimed “Tiger Mom,” Chua has written a memoir, Battle Hymn of the […]

Where To Be

Women’s Leadership Conference Nov. 8th at the MSU Union Get in touch with your feminism side at the 7th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference. This year’s theme is “The Courage to Lead, the Power to Make a Difference” with keynote speaker Ingrid Saunders Jones, senior vice president of the Coca-Cola Company and chairperson of the Coca-Cola […]