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Top Ten Tweets: February

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Top Ten Tweets: February

Chelsea Mongeau @mongeau_c

#PeopleAtMySchool Are currently burning couches in the streets…I guess that’s what happens when you go to a Big 10 school#spartanprobs


Spartan Basketball @MSU_Basketball

With its 23-point win over UM, MSU remains perfect at home this season (15-0 record). The #Spartans have won 32 of their last 33 home games.


Jason Andreas @JasonAndreas44

I realized this morning that I actually have a lot in common with 99% of #UofM fans. I too, never attended school there. #GoState #MSU


MSUpartystories @MSUpartystories

“It doesn’t get any better or bigger than this” – Tom Izzo


The Black Sheep @MSUBlackSheep

Somewhere Tom Izzo is meditating while drinking tea, playing a Tibetan harp, & visualizing his strategy to dominate Tom Crean#BeatIU


Flannel Fun Guys @FlannelFunGuys

How cute, Aaron Craft’s cheeks match his team color #bum#GoGreen


MSU Humor @MSUHumor

Well some good news on Monday Michigan State Basketball Ranked # 4 in the Country #GoGreen!


Jon Reschke @J_Reschke33

One year ago today I verbally committed to Michigan State, I wouldn’t want to play anywhere else in the country! #Blessed#GoGreen


Kellee Flemming @kelleeflemming

Tom Izzo just held my hand and thanked me for waiting out here in the cold. THIS is why I do this!!!!! @ThisistheIZZONE #GoGreen


SpartanProblems @SpartanProblems

Spring break foreshadowing: Sunny and 37!

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Top Ten Tweets: October

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Top Ten Tweets: October

1. @Laughbook: Sharks aren’t so bad, If some stranger entered my house wearing only a speedo, I would probably attack him too.

2. now listening to disney music for study time #noshame

3. So I think eating celery and cookies together is a huge contradiction.#butheyimhungry

4. Most heartbreaking game. So furious.

5. I just ate like 7 tacos… so good.. but so full… yet I want to eat more…

6. This weather says, “stay in bed all day while contemplating your life

7. #EasilyAttractedTo #Msu girls , the best females in the state of Michigan #PureFacts

8.Kirk Cousins just got his first NFL td #MSU

9. Report: Jabari Parker includes Michigan State in list of five finalistshttp://tinyurl.com/98j89wg  #msu #michiganstate

10. College basketball countdown: No. 22 Michigan State Spartans


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Top Ten #MSU Tweets: April

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Top Ten #MSU Tweets: April

1. “My relationship status is about as real at Feb. 31st.”

2. “@katyperry tweet me once and my life will be complete.”

3. “If I win the lotto, I’m buying us a week date with Kristin Wig.”

4. “3 all nighters in a row probably isn’t healthy but it’s the #pledgelife”

5. “My time in East Lansing has made me miss Ann Arbor a whole bunch… And also hate U of M a whole bunch more #GoGreenGoWhite”

6. “There’s nothing I love more than seeing Ohio State losing.”

7. “The only people I play in Words With Friends are my parents #foreveralone.”

8. “Haven’t made flashcards since Nam #desperate.”

9. “Cedar Village smells like dead animals.”

10. “#thatawkwardmomentwhen you don’t text someone back but you play them in a phone game.”

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Top Ten #MSU Tweets: February

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Top Ten #MSU Tweets: February

1. Per @DannySheridan1, Le’Veon Bell’s current odds on winning next year’s Heisman are 75:1. (@L_Bell24) #msu #spartans

2. Izzo, simply the best coach in America http://tinyurl.com/72lq6ux #msu #michiganstate

3. my roommate just dropped some crazy news to me #sleepwalking

4. Love that michigan people are asking to come up here to party… ill be damned if i every go back to U of M to party

5. The only valentine I received today was from my Grandma. Let me tell you that she’s the best valentine anyone could ever ask for

6. merging onto the sidewalks at msu are like merging on to a 4 lane highway #dangerous #livinglifeontheedge

7. I always think people get too in to msu basketball, but then i turn on spartan hockey and i understand… #gogreen

8. #worstdecisionofmylife Two 8:30s and an 8 am

9. I feel like a bird is gonna fly out from this guy’s dreads sitting in front of me #cleanupdude

10. Damn, some kid just out walked me to the last strawberry smoothy at Brody You got to let the dude who can barely walk get that Smh #cmonman

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Top Ten #MSU Tweets: November

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Top Ten #MSU Tweets: November

1. “Sleep + social life = bad grades. Good grades + sleep = no social life. Good grades + social life = no sleep.”-Rachel Bonello
2. “If we all had hearts for eyes, is love what we would find?”
3. “I don’t know how the heck Denard is even being considered for Heisman. #overrated GoGreen!!!!”
4. “Great atmosphere in Spartan Stadium yesterday. Student section and fan base never stopped believing. It made the difference. On to Nebraska.”-Kirk Cousins
5. “I need a girl who loves to chill and watch red wings games with me. #dreamgirl”-Devon Coates
6. “I wish that #MSU had a fall break. Doesn’t a 4 day weekend with a blend of rest and productivity sound delightful? #agirlcandream”-Claire Gonyo
7. “Who’s Lamborghini is that on campus ! I keep seeing it ! #MSU”
8. “asked the kids in my dance class what they were being for halloween & a 11yr old said its too childish #lol”-Iris Tuma
9. “News article for the @TheBigGreen on how I connected with professionals via @twitter http://www.thebiggreen.net/2011/10/17/tweeting-to-the-professionals/”
10. “Forget burning books; They are burning schools.”-Jasnik Parmar

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Tweeting to the Professionals

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Tweeting to the Professionals

By Cait McKeon

Twitter, a social media phenomenon created by software architect Jack Dorsey, has swept its way across the world on the back of the little blue bird they hold as their logo.

As an easy access social media site, Twitter has recently been recognized for playing a practical part in the lives of college students. It cannot be compared to the camaraderie of Facebook or the wishy-washiness of MySpace–Twitter has been holding its own. This once small, podcasting company is now helping to secure the future of many college graduates, as well as students still currently enrolled and grasping at their future job prospects.

Photo taken by Ron Brown

Kevin Burrows, a broadcast journalism sophomore here at Michigan State University, has discovered a way to use Twitter to his utmost advantage. After following his idol, news anchorman Vic Faust of Channel 7 Action News Detroit, on Twitter, Burrows decided to take the opportunity and contact Faust about following him on a job shadow.

“I just tweeted at him, ‘Hey what do you think about me doing a job shadow with you, it’s a requirement for my JRN 200 class’, then he asked me to call him,” Burrows explained. “The opportunity definitely made me realize that this was exactly what I wanted to go into.”

For Burrows, this opportunity was one that may have placed him on the map for future job prospects in the field that he truly aspires to be in. Across the country, students, professionals, and everyday citizens are using Twitter to grab at small and large breaks for their careers.

“Start by having a professional Twitter account – think of your future employers. Follow people of your professional interests so they can tell that you’re serious about this career. I followed Vic, but also many of his co-anchors and also many larger anchors such as Katie Couric,” said Burrows. “Think about what’s important and what you want to say. The first tweet should be simple but meaningful… that first tweet is crucial.”

While many of us are currently still getting into the swing of Twitter, companies are using it to their full advantage to see who is available to them, and also how they can make themselves available to their consumers.

Lauren Simonetti, a recent advertising graduate of Michigan State University, uses Twitter and LinkedIn to connect with companies that she has a personal or professional interest in.

“Twitter can be a great resource of information. Companies I followed would often post job opportunities on social networking sites before I found them using another resource,” said Simonetti.

Twitter offers a particularly easy and acceptable way to be able to stay in contact with opportunities one might be interested in.

“I used Twitter to connect with professionals and companies that I had previous interaction with. I made it a point to connect with professionals via Twitter after we had met at a career fair or through any of my internships,” Simonetti explained.

The ease and availability that Twitter is able to offer to college students, as well as the general public, is something that works well in the favor of those who are using the social media tool for professional reasons.

“Twitter is more legitimate than say, Facebook, because it’s more personal,” said Burrows. “You know it’s them and that you’re contacting them directly; anyone could pretend to be someone. Think of twitter as being trustful for professional interests.”

Twitter is a social media of give and take – what you put into Twitter is what you will get out. When close to 65 million tweets are being pounded out of computers, iPads, iPhones and other electronics daily, to be noticed, one needs to stand out from other generic tweets that are being tweeted by millions of people around the world.

“Demonstrate that you are engaged in the industry you are studying and people will take notice! Even if it doesn’t gain you an interview, it may play a significant role in getting you the [right] job,” said Simonetti.

Bonnie Bucqueroux, a journalism professor at Michigan State, uses Twitter as a learning tool in her classrooms to expose her students to social media.

“I encourage my students, rather beat them over the head, to use Twitter as crowd sourcing. Here are your story leads and where you build connections,” said Bucqueroux. “They need to begin following those in different communities to build connections, promote their stories, and gather better leads.”

Twitter does not stop being beneficial once college has come and gone away, but continues throughout when graduates search for more professional opportunities.

“Twitter has continued to be a great networking tool now that I have began my professional career. Many of the prospects we target come to us–a marketer’s dream–because we are providing relevant, compelling information that they want,” said Simonetti.

The help that Twitter lends does not stop with helping to secure professional opportunities, but also keeps people in tune with the most current and up to date proceedings of news, events, and promotions. While learning of news happenings in America, one can also hear the comings and goings of news all of over the world as Twitter is currently international and able to be read in sixteen different languages, expanding the marketplace for professional opportunities that much more.

While Twitter is a fun and interactive social media site, it can be used to a much higher potential by students and employers alike.

“Like you’ve been told by every professor at Michigan State University, human resource professionals pay attention to who you are on social media sites,” said Simonetti.

With this advice said, students should remember to keep their Twitter as professional as possible.

“Jay Rosen, a professor at New York University, once said that on Twitter there is mind casting and life casting,” Bucqueroux said. “Life casting is when you always tweet about how you’re going to grab a latte. Mind casting is tweeting about how making a latte works, news about recent events surrounding the latte, rather than just the latte itself. In this, you can deal with serious matters on twitter, not just use it as a marginal communication device.”

Your teachers were never pulling your leg about professionalism and your future, and now Twitter can truly help and secure that position you once thought was out of reach. With the help of professors and peers, that small blue bird may one day take a hold of the current job market and transform it into something much more futuristic than this world could have imagined.

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Top Ten #MSU Tweets: October

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Top Ten #MSU Tweets: October

1. “my bank account took quite the hit this weekend. definitely sparty’d out for the weekend. #worthit #gogreen

2. “Poor U of M fans they are running out of reasons why they lost, can’t accept the fact that Denard is NOT a qb. #MSU“-devalu1981

3. “I usually see a lot of UM apparel while about in metro Detroit on Sundays. Hardly any today. Hmm… #MSU #PaintingTheStateGreen“-SaraAmanda

4. “#MSU wins, and #Redwings win. #Lions tried, and #Tigers blow. Oh well.”

5. Spartans up to 13 in USA Today/Coaches Pollhttp://tinyurl.com/3rr3ny3 #msu #michiganstate

6. “SportsCenter is comparing Wes Welker to Megatron. Welker is good, but Megatron is on a completely different level. #lions

7. “This girl was cute, then I noticed her michigan hoodie.”

8. “You cant climb a cat to get anywhere”

9. “#MSU 1st class to sweep Michigan… since Freshman couldnt play till 1972 @MikeValenti971

10. BREAKING: ESPN’s @CollegeGameDay just confirmed they will be coming to East Lansing for MSU’s matchup with Wisconsin next Saturday. #MSU

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Top Ten #MSU Tweets: March

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Top Ten #MSU Tweets: March

(Photo credit: Kaleigh Robichaud)

You and your friends tweet status updates. Your professors tweet homework assignments. Your mom tweets to tell you to get enough vitamins. Let’s face it: Twitter is here to stay, and State Side is celebrating that fact by bringing you ten of the best, most school-spirity, most right-on, most hilarious tweets with a #MSU tag each month. @TheBigGreen. Get at us.

Can anyone tell me why #MSU doesn’t recognize President’s Day? (@benjac33)

In 3 days, I’ve kissed center court of the Breslin & played music on the carillon in Beaumont Tower… How many #MSU students can say that? (@j_tink)

MSC smoke stack is the iconic image of #MSU removing it is like removing the #spartystatue (@danbaker09)
Not impressed with the #MSU snow removal team. Come on guys, you should have this down to an art by now.#forgingmyownsidewalk (@leahadelaide)
SOME DUDE IS EATING DAMN BBQ IN COMM ARTS #msu #michiganstateuniversity (@_droo)
Probably should have spent more/any time at the #MSU library while in school. I get a ton done here. (@bcclist)
gettin yelled at by #msu personel (@NiteDiver69)
Watching the debut of the film, Kings of Flint, on PBS right now Here’s a previewhttp://bit.ly/9QFXnG #MSU (@Rick_Mason)
Ok. What’s Harder ISS Or ISB?????#MSU (@LickMy_Tweet)
as big as #msu is, i wonder sometimes why their technology sucks a lot of the time? http://twitpic.com/44vvuv (@LK_Kotlarczyk)

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Twitter in the Classroom

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Twitter in the Classroom

Source: Google Images

Twitter, the bird-themed micro-blogging website, has been taking the world by storm since the first Tweet was posted in 2006. MSU is certainly no exception; there are many ways in which students and faculty are utilizing the social media website both inside and outside of the classroom and everywhere in between. Here are a few instances of how Twitter is changing the way people and organizations think and do different things.

Twitter in the Classroom

Jeffery Elsworth, hospitality business professor, has his students use Twitter in almost every class he teaches, mostly as a way for him to post interesting articles related to class discussion.

“I tried other formats like Angel and Facebook, but I found that students either didn’t check Angel regularly or their newsfeeds would fill up and they wouldn’t know that I had posted anything,” Elsworth said. “With Twitter, each class could have its own place where I could post different items and that students would be able to find and access easily.”

Elsworth will occasionally have an in-class quiz to ensure that students are actually paying attention to the materials he puts on Twitter.

“Most HB students will have me as a professor at least once during their undergrad years,” he said. “After they’ve had me for one class they’ll know to at least marginally pay attention to Twitter in regards to what we’re talking about in class, otherwise they’ll miss important information.”

When he first started using Twitter a few years ago, Elsworth said he would get a handful of students at the beginning of the semester that knew about and/or were using the site. Now, roughly three quarters of his students in a given class knows what Twitter is and roughly half of them actually have accounts.

No matter what class Elsworth is teaching, he stresses the importance of using Twitter in the real world.

“If you’re interested in working for a specific company, follow their Twitter feed,” he said. “It’s a great way to learn more about the company and could potentially give you specific situations or events that you could discuss in an interview.”

Journalism professor Karl Gude doesn’t just encourage his students to use Twitter – he requires it. Twitter is a major component of his JRN 203: Visualizing Information class. Gude uses the social media platform to post assignments and only allows students to ask questions about grades, projects and other class-related topics through tweets on the class’s Twitter page. Despite the necessity of making a Twitter account Gude said he still has a few students that don’t seem very interested in using it.

“One of the best ways I’ve found to provide students with a powerful argument for why Twitter is effective is when I post information that only students following the class’s account will know about,” said Gude. “For example, I tweeted that whenever I say the phrase ‘What’s for dinner?’ in class, all of the students should stand up. So the next day in class when a student had a question about the relevance of Twitter, I said ‘What’s for dinner?’ and at least three quarters of the class stood up; the girl who asked the question has since been actively tweeting about JRN 203.”

Gude said that Twitter and other social media platforms are changing the way that journalism and other industries function. He even went so far as to say that a student or faculty member’s refusal to use social media either in the present or the near future would ultimately be their demise – “You can’t dwell on the past,” said Gude. “You won’t get a job.”

How to use Twitter

According to Gude, there are essentially two ways in which Twitter is used. First is the personal level, where an individual has their own account where they post tweets similar to Facebook statuses. The difference from Facebook is that while there is a 140 character limit on tweets, the tweets can be about virtually anything and can be seen by virtually anyone – in other words, there’s a much wider audience and less privacy.

Photo credit: Kaleigh Robichaud

There is also the option of retweeting what other users have said and different individuals, organizations or businesses can be tagged in the tweet. In this way, something that was posted on one account will show up in the newsfeed of another account. This allows the post to be seen by a larger or more diverse group of followers than the original account may have had. Examples of this way of using Twitter include celebrity accounts like Ashton Kutcher and Conan O’Brien as well as business accounts where a company representative tweets about events or news updates related to the company or something in which the company has an interest.

The other main way to use Twitter is as a means of mass communication. With retweets and the use of hash tags (such as #MSU or #JRN203), Twitter can be used to send out information about events or promotions quickly and conveniently. In addition, tweets don’t require a professional demeanor.

Students Who use Twitter

Lauren Montemurri, a professional writing senior who uses Twitter both for personal and professional purposes.

“I was encouraged to use Twitter over the summer by the professors of my study abroad program in London, Mass Media in the UK,” said Montemurri. “Now I use it all the time to post things that interest me such as really cool photo shoots and fashion ideas.”

Montemurri also uses Twitter in a professional sense through her social media internship with BeSpartanGreen, a program through the Office of Campus Sustainability that works to educate the university about different environmental issues. She said the difference between a Twitter account for an organization as opposed to her own personal account is that she tweets items that she thinks would be interesting to BeSpartanGreen’s audience and tries to find different ways to get people to follow the organization.

“What’s interesting about Twitter and other social media is that the goal for the organization or company is not to sell a product but to get their audience to have a conversation with them,” said Montemurri.  “It’s two-way communication as opposed to the traditional one-way communication that most companies and organizations are used to.”

“With Twitter especially, there are very little guidelines on how to use it so it’s kind of like feeling in the dark,” Montemurri said. People are trying to make social media strategies but for now it’s mostly just trial and error.”

While Montemurri said she finds Twitter to be useful in her internship and as a way to get information out to a wide audience, she added that given the choice between Twitter and Facebook that she would stick with Facebook.

“With Twitter you get to hear a little bit about a lot of different things; Facebook is much more personal,” said Montemurri.

Another professional writing major, junior Lauren Ebelt, gave a similar answer when asked if she would pick Facebook or Twitter.

“More people I know use Facebook, and there are so many more functions on Facebook than there are on Twitter,” said Ebelt. “With Facebook, I can upload photo albums, play games, send messages to my friends, chat with people, or check out different events. With Twitter it’s just status updates over and over again.”

Ebelt has been using Twitter for approximately a month, mostly as a personal account but also as a way to network with potential employers. Despite knowing almost nothing about the site initially, she found it quick and easy to use.

“There’s a step-by-step sign-up process and they give you these goals to follow in order to set up the account,” she said. “The people at Twitter made it really user-friendly, especially for people like me who are sort of technology illiterate.”

Ebelt said she still prefers other forms of communication, but added that Twitter is slowly growing on her.

“The more you use it and the more people you follow and the more people that follow you, the more fun it is,” she said.

MSU Faculty and Students to use Twitter in Future

According to Dr. Cliff Lampe, associate professor and director of the Social Media Research Laboratory in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences, Twitter will probably continue to grow and fill its particular niche in the world of social media.

“For MSU students in particular, Twitter can be very useful since it is a way to follow things like politicians or organizations and receive news or information that has been filtered by these sources,” said Lampe.

Lampe added though that most of the current users of Twitter are slightly older than college students – mid- to late 20s. The reason for this, said Lampe, is that Twitter was launched at a time when it was useful for this slightly older demographic. For most college students they are not at a place in their lives where Twitter is especially useful.

“That is not to say however that MSU students are not using Twitter and using it effectively,” said Lampe. “[2009 MSU grad] Brett is an example of an incredible Twitter user who used it in relation to his work with Remind 101, a program where you send in your class schedule and receive texts about homework assignments.”

Lampe also pointed out that social media is not necessarily a new concept. “We’ve had social media for decades, but it was mainly populated by, for lack of a better term, nerds,” said Lampe. “Only recently has there been a context collapse – it’s no longer just a small group of people with similar interests. Facebook for example was originally just college students but now it’s being used by a much broader spectrum of people. Twitter is exactly the same way.”

For this reason, Lampe said it is difficult to predict if Twitter will still be useful in the next decade – things could change or a new and improved social media platform could be created that renders it obsolete.

Twitter as a Communication Tool

Despite being fairly simple to use, Twitter is in fact a fairly complex form of social media that is changing the way businesses and universities think and act. At MSU alone there are professors using it as a teaching tool and as a way to supplement more traditional ways of learning. Students are using it for personal and professional networking and as a way to keep in touch with the world outside of college.

Twitter is a news mediator, a large-scale communication tool, and a platform for promoting different events and information. It may not be used by everyone on campus, but those that are using Twitter are using it in diverse and effective ways that ultimately improves their educational experience at MSU and beyond.

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Union MSU’s “Twitter Hub”

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Union MSU’s “Twitter Hub”

“Where U at?” Social media wise, probably wasting time on Twitter, if you’re not a Luddite. But there’s another U on Twitter these days and it’s good ole’ MSU, your friendly university.

The MSU Union has a very large Twitter presence (photo credit: Emily Lawler).

MSU has 119 recognized Twitter feeds belonging to colleges, student groups, schools, buildings and other entities. In theory, each feed is “specialized” — relating to a specific interest of a specific campus demographic. But it turns out that the less specific Twitter feeds may be the most successful.

According to Rachael Zylstra, an electronic media communications specialist with University Relations, there are two official campus-wide Twitter feeds run by University Relations: michiganstateu and MSUnews. The rest fall into “niche” categories that appeal to people of different majors, interests and locations.

But it turns out that some of those niches are more specialized than others.

“Have you seen the renovation at Brody yet? Check it out on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsv03LU4vdk Really cool stuff!”

You’d expect that tweet to come from a Brody resident, or maybe a residence hall’s Twitter feed. But that tweet was from the MSUUnion, and so are a whole lot of other ones.

When compared with the 16 Twitter accounts representing either colleges or buildings at MSU and all the ReTweets or @ messages in the month of March, the Union was at the center of all the activity. The most other feeds mentioned it, and it mentioned the most other feeds.

This represents how the 16 colleges and buildings on campus have connected through @ messages and ReTweets on Twitter. Bigger nodes indicate more connectivity, and bigger lines indicate more tweets between specific actors (graphic credit: Zachary P. Neal).

“I’m a little amazed by the diagram,” said Kat Cooper, who runs the Union feed singlehandedly.

Cooper works for Auxiliary Resources, a Department of the Division of Residential and Hospitality Services. When the feed started a year and a half ago, she said she wanted it to be a virtual place to get information.

“A student union is really the living room of a campus,” said Cooper. “It’s where you get info and go to events and communicate with other students. Our mission with a twitter feed is to create that sense as well.”

Being a generalist has served the Union well. It boasts 1,686 followers, more than either of the official general MSU Twitter feeds or any specialist college.

“I knew that we were among one of the more popular feeds aside from athletics, but I guess the connectivity I was unaware of,” said Cooper.

But in the world of Twitter as with business, networks are key. According to those who study networks, MSUUnion isn’t just popular. It holds a lot of power.

Imagine you’re a dude with a bunch of dude friends and one cousin that’s a Victoria’s Secret model.

That’s what Ron Burt, a business professor at University of Chicago, termed an “open triangle” relationship; you know your dude friend and you know your cousin, but they don’t know each other. That puts you in a position of being able to demand free drinks at your buddy’s parties or his physics notes from last semester in exchange for introducing him to your cousin.

It’s not that the Union is in the market for free drinks, but it has become a central actor in the whole MSU Twitter scene, giving it a lot of social capital. Since the Union interacts with the Breslin Center, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and Olin and none of those interact with each other, you want the Union as your friend. That way you can be virtually “introduced” to all of those other feeds through ReTweets and @ messages.

Graphic credit: Brianna Ritivoy

But for some university entities, Twitter is less of a networking tool than a Public Relations (PR) mechanism. Wharton Center, for instance, has incorporated their Twitter account into their main website and also had it broadcast to two electronic billboards.

“It’s certainly become a very valuable resource to communicate with patrons but also a good way to spread our name across the country,” said Victor Hamburger, director of marketing at Wharton Center.

But he says there’s a lot of value in the personal connection with patrons messaging the center as well. According to Stanford Sociologist Mark Granovetter, that’s the best kind of connections to have: a mix of strong (personal messages) and weak (everybody on the highway sees Tweets on a billboard).

Communication Arts & Sciences (CAS) is at the center of a “twitter triangle” between the Union, Physical Plant and College of Social Science, and all four entities are strongly connected.

The reason CAS is central in the “strong” Twitter actors may be its combined use of Twitter as a tool for personal connection and PR. According to the college’s Communications Manager, Kirsten Khire, the college has made strong connections with individual students and alumni via Twitter. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have another purpose.

“I see value in the Public Relations sense, because we’re obviously having great conversations with our target audience on all kinds of topics,” said Khire.

The Communication Arts & Sciences Twitter feed is essentially playing both specialist and generalist in trying to find, @ message and link to the broadest variety of things that are of interest to its target audience of its students and alumni.

“There’s still some criteria there,” said Khire. She said the feed mainly ReTweets things “related to our college or related to our audiences.”

Some feeds are expanding into contests and questions that make interaction with users a stronger prospect. And according to Khire, Twitter isn’t in anybody’s job description. University entities usually have Twitter accounts because somebody took it upon themselves.

“It [Twitter] is important, especially with the college demographic,” said Zylstra of university Twitter feeds. And she’s part of a four-person social media team with University Relations — Twitter is in her job description.

Like anything, the more time a person puts into Twitter, the more they get out of it. Excepting star power (this means you, MSU_Basketball), the more a person generates content and @ messages and ReTweets, the more followers they have. And the more followers, the more “open triangles” and important connections.

So next time you’re messing around on Twitter during class, remember that the connections you’re making —  weak and strong –might be important. They may lead to a job. And directly or indirectly, Twitter can lead to jobs or connections you’ve never had. Maybe it’s time to re-think whether or not social networking is “wasting time.”

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