The Stonewall Society seeks change for LGBTQ students

The Stonewall Society is a new LGBTQ advocacy group within the James Madison College at Michigan State University. The new student organization aims to encourage change to curriculum and promote discussion within the college and across campus about LGBTQ issues. President of The Stonewall Society Ben Schroff is a junior studying social relations and policy […]

Conversion Therapy: Parental right or wrong?

Many LGBTQ people come from conservative families; those who come out to these families may face the highly criticized practice of conversion therapy. Conversion therapy is a psychological practice that attempts to change a person’s sexuality or gender identity back to its “natural” state, i.e. straight and born-gender or sex. Opponents of conversion therapy, including […]

Spread holiday cheer with these Greater Lansing area charity events

While most college students are preparing for final exams, there seems to be one thing getting them through the long hours of studying: the holidays. This time of year, we are reminded to give back. According to, this Saturday, Dec. 12, an abundance of charity events will be taking place in the Greater Lansing […]

‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Season 12 tour brings dancers to life

The Top 10 dancers from Season 12 of “So You Think You Can Dance” performed at the Wharton Center on Nov. 22. Dance and SYTYCD fans alike were not disappointed with the high level of energy that each dancer brought to the stage with back-to-back routines. This season was different because there were more group dances choreographed. […]

Syrian refugees and the Paris attacks: Americans’ disappointing reaction

The people of the United States have collectively taken a giant step backwards with their appalling reaction in regards to Syrian refugees. Sadly, many have not put much in the way of critical thought and are content with letting ignorance drive their thoughts on the crisis at hand. I’m sure if you’ve looked at your […]