New Immersive Studio for Communication Arts and Sciences students

According to the College of Communication Arts and Sciences, summer construction will bring students an immersive studio, a glass-walled newsroom and huge opportunity. The space, opening for classes in January 2017, will be named The Center for Immersive Media Education. Its goal is to provide students with a chance to participate in creating and delivering […]

How to avoid the Freshman 15

The Freshman 15 haunts every student attending his or her first year of college. Although this does not apply to everyone, some students experience weight gain during the first year, or any year of college. One in four college freshmen gain 10 pounds within the first semester, according to a report by WebMD. So, what […]

Taiwan, China or Taiwan and China?

The presidential elections were held in Taiwan on Jan. 16. After Tsai Ing-wen, the first female president of Taiwan, won the election, sharp political debate has accelerated and broken out about the future relationship between mainland China and Taiwan. So, what is really going on? For general concepts, you need to know about the extremely […]

The Stonewall Society seeks change for LGBTQ students

The Stonewall Society is a new LGBTQ advocacy group within the James Madison College at Michigan State University. The new student organization aims to encourage change to curriculum and promote discussion within the college and across campus about LGBTQ issues. President of The Stonewall Society Ben Schroff is a junior studying social relations and policy […]

MSU Students and Faculty Respond to Kim Davis

Kim Davis, county clerk for the state of Kentucky, recently found herself in the spotlight for her refusal to sign same-sex marriage licenses. Davis was taken to jail for violating the federal law that guarantees same-sex couples the right to marriage across the nation. She claimed that her moral conscience and Christian faith would not […]

ASMSU tax provides students with more services than they may realize

Without even realizing it, many Michigan State University undergraduate students are being provided with free services every day. The Associated Students of Michigan State University (ASMSU), MSU’s undergraduate student government, is constantly creating programs such as free I-clicker rentals, free laundry, free newspapers and many more programs that are intended to make the life of […]

NEXT shows off Lansing’s young artists

Throughout February, the MICA Gallery in Old Town will be filled with youthful art of all shapes and sizes. MSU advertising professor Henry Brimmer is curating NEXT, an exhibition of projects from high school and college students that are shared in hopes of instilling youthful energy in Lansing. These projects include any type of art, […]

More students suffer because of tuition increases

Michigan State University’s tuition increased by 1,650 percentage points in 34 years and will increase another 2.974 percentage points next year, according to the Office of Controller Student Account Website. From 1979 until 2013, tuition at MSU went from $24.50 to $428.75 per credit hour, according to the Office of Controller Website. The Transparency Reporting […]

Students get a ready for a summer of music

Every year, college students flock to amphitheaters, concert halls and theaters for a round of annual summer concerts.  With the warm summer wind crawling through the air and the carefree relaxation of the season dominating, artists invade cities melting with summer heat annually, selling out summer tours and festivals such as Bonnaroo, Summer Camp, Lollapalooza […]