Fall of the Spartans: How Middle Tennessee upset Michigan State

For Michigan State fans around the country, March 18, 2016 is a day that won’t soon be forgotten. The Spartans entered their first day of NCAA’s March Madness as a two-seed that people across the nation felt was snubbed of a one-seed. According to ESPN, the Spartans were favored in 91 percent of brackets to […]

What to expect from College Basketball this postseason

This season of college basketball has been a crazy one. Teams ranked No. 1 have fallen almost constantly throughout the year. Perennial contenders have struggled a bit in their conference and teams that typically struggle throughout the year have risen to the higher positions. With the college basketball postseason right around corner here are some […]

The Evolution of Sportsmanship: Bridging the Gap Between Athletes and Authority

By Alex Tekip Ever since collegiate athletes were young, playing youth sports in their hometown, they have been encouraged to practice sportsmanship. Constant reminders from a dad on the sideline encouraged children to play to win, but to respect their opponent. Handshakes and compliments after games served as a code of conduct.  However, once athletes […]