10 New Year’s resolutions MSU students should consider

It’s that time of year, folks! 2015 is upon us and with it comes the tradition of making a New Year’s resolution. For those of you who haven’t decided on one yet, check out some of the following ideas: 1. Get involved Michigan State University offers endless opportunities for students – clubs, organizations, and groups […]

Hooked on hooking up: the damages of hookup culture

Red solo cups litter the ground as young hormonal-infused 20-year-olds shuffle into a house with strobe lights filling every dark corner of the bigger rooms. Students attempt to avoid the spills of sticky unknown substances as they make their way past groups of party goers. Hazy conversations and nameless interactions fill the air from the […]

African Student Gala celebrates culture and heritage

Hundreds braved the unwarranted snowstorm to gather at the Wharton Center on Saturday, November 15 for the 29th annual African Student Gala, hosted by the African Student Union (ASU). The 2014 African Student Gala, “Afroexposure: The Awakening of African Culture,” was “a wedding of westernization and African culture,” said this year’s emcee, Dulo. Students, faculty […]

An untapped resource: MSU Union’s Student Media Center

Often overlooked as another building on Michigan State’s campus, the student union hides many unknown resources just behind its beige brick walls. The Student Media Center, found at the northern end of the ground level of the Union, presents people in every corner of the community several resources that only few have used to their […]

What TBG loves about November

10. Beginning of the holidays Halloween is just finished and Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s are right around the corner. The holidays are one of the most joyous times of year—fun, friends, family and food are abundant. Worth checking out is Lansing’s annual Silver Bells in the City Festival will kick off the holiday season […]

Mono — What is it and how to identify it

Mononucleosis is commonly nicknamed the “kissing disease” on college campuses. As it turns out, the name isn’t that far from the truth. “I always hear about people who say they got mono in college,” said human development and family studies freshman Claire Lynch. The seemingly elusive illness is transmitted through the exchanging of saliva – […]

What to watch on Netflix: The Halloween Editon

It’s that time of the year again! No, not Christmas—All Hallow’s Eve is here. Whether you’re spending it partying in a costume that took you hours to put together, handing out candy, or spending it on your couch, Netflix has a perfect selection of TV shows and movies. It’ll get you in the spirit… and […]

Understanding the rush process

Fitting in at MSU often means knowing words like “Shy-Phi” and “D2L”. But one word—“rush”—the process of joining a sorority or a fraternity, remains a mystery to many students. “Rushing is when a potential member new member goes through the recruitment process in the hopes of receiving an invitation [bid] to a house,” said senior […]

Where does student’s money go?

White all Spartans pay to attend Michigan State, few actually know where their money goes. Civil engineering sophomore Tyler Frederick is one of many students who said he wishes he was more informed about what costs his tuition is actually covering. According to the National Center for Education Statistics Website, Michigan State University reported the […]