International students weigh in on the invasion of Crimea

From the anti-government protests in Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine, to the Russian invasion of the Ukrainian territory Crimea, Eastern Europe appears to be in an uproar. According to Eastern European students abroad in the United States, however, the threat of war between Russia and Ukraine is either extremely unwanted or unlikely. “The biggest […]

International students come to experience culture, despite being far from home

For some Michigan State University students, home is just a 15-minute drive away. For others, it is multiple hour-long flights back to a country on the other side of the world. According to the Office of International Students and Scholars, 7,161 international students were enrolled at MSU for the Fall 2013 semester among the 49,343 […]

International students seek shelter over winter break in East Lansing and beyond

As the 2012 fall semester comes to a close, students living in residence halls pack up their belongings and most make the journey home for the holidays. Some get on a plane and travel outside of Michigan, some students get picked up by their parents to take them back home, while others venture off to […]

Insight from Abroad: Australia

Meet Andrew Cox, a mathematics junior who comes from a land down under, hailing straight from Melbourne, Australia. The Big Green: What drew you to America, and more specifically, Michigan State? Andrew Cox: “I came to America because I was interested in seeing what it would be like to study in a different English speaking culture. […]

Insight from Abroad: Ghana

Each month, global view will feature in international student at Michigan State, and share their insights on life at home and abroad. Barbara Kotei took a path that includes not only highways and streets, but also oceans when she first arrived at Michigan State University. Kotei, a molecular biology freshman, is an international student from […]

Spartans Salute Japanese Culture

By Rebecca Nelson The Asian Studies Center at Michigan State University will be tipping its hat to Japanese culture throughout the month.  The celebration will include a series of events that have been carefully planned out by students in the hospitality business class at MSU.  Although the campus-wide recognition of Japan has been an annual […]

Going Hard Across the Globe: International Sports Cross Cultural Lines

By Alex Tekip Sports are a constant cultural machine in the United States. They posses both the power to excite and the power to disappoint, but also have the ability to unify – to bring an entire school, city, state or nation together. Occasionally, that power travels, crossing borders, oceans, and cultures in the process. […]

International Students Celebrate Valentine’s Day

The International Student Association’s annual Valentine’s Day Ball was held on Saturday, February 12th at the Ballroom in the Marriott Hotel and Conference Center in East Lansing. This year’s theme was Venetian Nights: A Masquerade Ball. A lot of time and effort was put into the event by the ISA. Hear what ISA had to say about celebrating Valentine’s Day together.

Connecting at the U: International Students

The legacy of Michigan State University president John Hannah runs long and deep, especially with the international community. In 1956, Hannah created the International Programs, which aimed “to initiate, coordinate, and other wise support internationally related activities throughout the institution”. This program, later renamed the International Studies and Programs, continues to flourish. According to the […]