Mono — What is it and how to identify it

Mononucleosis is commonly nicknamed the “kissing disease” on college campuses. As it turns out, the name isn’t that far from the truth. “I always hear about people who say they got mono in college,” said human development and family studies freshman Claire Lynch. The seemingly elusive illness is transmitted through the exchanging of saliva – […]

Feeling tired? More sleep may help college students succeed

With all-nighters and the tendency to have irregular sleep schedules, college students are not getting the sleep that they need to do their best. But experts say the amount of sleep a college student should get each night is mostly related to their class workload. Clinical psychologist Michael Breus, who has studied sleep disorders for […]

Make a Healthy Hummus

Emily Lawler, The Big Green’s own multimedia editor, has precisely one hour to cook every day. She has become an expert at making delicious, healthy meals in a small amount of time. In this video, Emily shares how to create a healthy hummus in less than 30 minutes!

Cafeteria Safety

While MSU educates nearly 45,000 students per year, the university’s cafeterias feed approximately 150 times as many mouths. MSU feeds approximately six million people each year, nearly 25,000 people per day, said Associate Director of Residential Dining Bruce Haskell. Many students first view the massive cafeterias as an endless array of options, putting the home […]

Free Falling for Food

It’s college, right? When textbooks run $500 a semester and paying a parking meter is difficult, some students are looking for ways to eat for free. A growing number of MSU students are finding an alternative way of getting their groceries, and let’s just say this practice requires a strong stomach. Dumpstering or dumpster diving is, well, […]