Halloween-themed events for MSU students

What seems to be every college student’s favorite holiday is quickly approaching as October comes to an end. Halloween-themed events will be happening all around campus and in the Greater Lansing area to get students in the spirit of the candy-centered and spooky celebration. The Michigan State University Activities Board will be hosting Paint-A-Pumpkin on […]

Spartans on Spotify: Halloween Hits

Halloween is here and The Big Green put together a few spooky tunes to get everyone in the holiday spirit! Don’t forget to follow us at TheBigGreenMSU on Spotify to keep up to date with our latest themed playlists. Happy Halloween! 1. Let the Bodies Hit the Floor – Activator Activator threw a modern electronic spin […]

MSU ghost stories: fact or fiction?

Imagine you are walking across campus, and the sun is disappearing just over the skyline. It is a little chilly, but it’s a comfortable autumn evening. Though you are walking alone, you have no reason to be fearful of your surroundings. Everyone you pass gives a quick glance and an innocent smile, before continuing on […]

Movie Review: Crimson Peak, Guillermo del Toro’s not so terrifying tale

I don’t like to be scared, but when Guillermo del Toro released a new horror movie, it was hard to resist going to see it. Del Toro’s movies, such as “Pan’s Labyrinth” and “Pacific Rim”, are always beautiful to look at, fun to watch and usually very creative. “Crimson Peak” looked like it might be […]

Cultural appropriation on Halloween, and why it’s not okay

Halloween is one of the few holidays that encourages participants to be someone or something other than themselves. For one day a year it is socially acceptable to wear a mask and be whomever you want. It is tradition to buy costumes that will either make people scream from sheer terror or cry from uncontrollable […]

What to watch on Netflix: The Halloween Editon

It’s that time of the year again! No, not Christmas—All Hallow’s Eve is here. Whether you’re spending it partying in a costume that took you hours to put together, handing out candy, or spending it on your couch, Netflix has a perfect selection of TV shows and movies. It’ll get you in the spirit… and […]