Students rank MSU Sparty’s locations

Students only get one combo-exchange a day, so pardon us for being a little picky. We took a poll, and the votes are in and MSU students’ least favorite and most favorite Sparty’s locations on campus are… Top 3 Least Favorite Sparty’s   #3. Communication Arts and Sciences Building This location has earned its spot […]

Hot and Healthy September: The perfect breakfast scramble

It’s been proven that there is no better way to start your day than with a solid breakfast. It will help you pay attention better, give you more energy and help you kick the rest of your day in the butt. But there are so many breakfast options—the fried egg, the burrito, the omelet…what do […]

A Clean Plate for Akers Dining Hall

College cafeterias have gained a reputation for being, well… not that great. Since 2009, Michigan State University has been renovating its cafeterias to defeat the negative stereotype associated with residence hall dining. As part of a proposal that Residential and Hospitality Services calls the Dining Master Plan, seven cafeterias on campus have undergone major renovations. […]

Cafeteria Safety

While MSU educates nearly 45,000 students per year, the university’s cafeterias feed approximately 150 times as many mouths. MSU feeds approximately six million people each year, nearly 25,000 people per day, said Associate Director of Residential Dining Bruce Haskell. Many students first view the massive cafeterias as an endless array of options, putting the home […]