The Historical Evolution of the High Heel

What are seen as a symbol of the female population, high heels, have a very interesting backstory. Contrary to what the majority of people know and believe, heels were originally invented for men (like so many other things). According to Roman Mars in his article “A Short History on the High Heel,” from class status […]

ATD Fashion Show Preview

This year the Apparel and Textile Design (ATD) major is vamping up its program with its first annual fashion show. This year’s show promises shock and awe with its meticulously selected designs and avant garde style. Many may remember the spring fashion show that was previously put on by the Student Apparel Design Association (SADA). […]

The Vogue Project

Imagine sitting down in the cafeteria and instead of reading the news or looking at those triangle things on the table, a new, free, fashion magazine is staring back. Lauren and Julie Christopherson and Kerry Chereskin all came together in hopes of launching a new fashion magazine for MSU. The Vogue Project was their idea […]