Trump and the exploitation of ignorance

Immigration was, is, and always shall be one of America’s chief long term controversies. Public opinion is perpetually shattered in half—liberals calling conservatives heartless bigots and conservatives firing back with arguments that suggest amnesty can’t realistically be sustained. Differing political philosophies clash like the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object. In turn, it’s become very […]

Taiwan, China or Taiwan and China?

The presidential elections were held in Taiwan on Jan. 16. After Tsai Ing-wen, the first female president of Taiwan, won the election, sharp political debate has accelerated and broken out about the future relationship between mainland China and Taiwan. So, what is really going on? For general concepts, you need to know about the extremely […]

Master of the House, Keeper of the Zoo: The US Speaker Race

Many people have been asking the question, what is going on with the Speaker of the House? For those who don’t know, the Speaker of the House is the leader of the United States House of Representatives. Usually, the Speaker is the leading member of the majority party in the House. However, the current Speaker, […]

Preview of the Democratic Debate

On Oct.13 the main Democratic Party candidates for president will face off in a debate. The two front-runners will be a dominant force on the stage while the other three main candidates may scramble for screen time. Find out what to watch for in the debate, including each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. Hillary Clinton Strengths: Clinton is […]

Western Spring: The Uprising Against the Establishment

Before May 7, when Jeremy Corbyn announced his bid for the Labour Party leadership election, many people would not know Corbyn, possibly not even his name. Now, he has been elected the leader of the Labour Party and subsequently, leader of the opposition. Before April 30, when Bernie Sanders announced his campaign, many people did […]

Enthusiasm surrounding election down despite newfound voter eligibility status

The upcoming presidential election holds special significance for many Michigan State University’s current undergraduate students. When President Barack Obama won the election in 2008, most of the students populating the residence halls, studying at the libraries and strolling to classes amongst friends did not cast votes. For students who only recently entered legal adulthood, the […]