Bridging the Gap Between International Friendships

Despite the huge number of international students on campus, many local students said that they don’t have international friends. At the same time, many international students complained that they can’t make American friends either. Why do two birds in the same cage stay on their own side when they both want to meet each other? […]

African Student Gala celebrates culture and heritage

Hundreds braved the unwarranted snowstorm to gather at the Wharton Center on Saturday, November 15 for the 29th annual African Student Gala, hosted by the African Student Union (ASU). The 2014 African Student Gala, “Afroexposure: The Awakening of African Culture,” was “a wedding of westernization and African culture,” said this year’s emcee, Dulo. Students, faculty […]

Cultural appropriation on Halloween, and why it’s not okay

Halloween is one of the few holidays that encourages participants to be someone or something other than themselves. For one day a year it is socially acceptable to wear a mask and be whomever you want. It is tradition to buy costumes that will either make people scream from sheer terror or cry from uncontrollable […]

Imported From China

Transitioning to college with 48,000 new faces can be intimidating for anyone. But, just imagine moving among a brand new culture that you are unfamiliar with, while feeling the pressure to achieve good grades, become involved, and make new friends. “Imported From China,” a new documentary directed by Michigan State University Journalism Associate Professor Geri […]