New Media Center at ComArtSci brings creative opportunities to students

A new media center to drive students’ ingenuity and inspire collaborative work is under construction in the Communication Arts and Sciences building at Michigan State University. According to ComArtSci Weekly, the college’s weekly newsletter for students, this new space will include a newsroom, motion capture lab and a game design studio. The space was temporarily up and […]

Bridging the Gap Between International Friendships

Despite the huge number of international students on campus, many local students said that they don’t have international friends. At the same time, many international students complained that they can’t make American friends either. Why do two birds in the same cage stay on their own side when they both want to meet each other? […]

School Stress and Your Relationship

By Erica Turner Finals week is quickly approaching, which means times of high stress are on the horizon.  Along with the struggles of exams, papers, and presentations, external pressures from significant others seem to play a significant role in anxiety. Communication junior Travis Richards said, ”I feel like exam week puts undue stress on relationships […]