MSU student will spend summer in Rwanda ‘empowering’ women

Espoir Tuyisenge, nicknamed Esp (pronounced Es · pee), is a soft spoken, kind and intuitive 22-year-old from Rwanda who loves coffee. Esp came to the United States in 2013 to double major in food industry management and agriculture business management at Michigan State University. This summer, Esp will be in Rwanda conducting a project focusing on […]

Coffee purchases spiking on campus

A piercing whirring sound permeates the buzz of hushed voices every so often.  A pleasant aroma wafts through the still air, and beside many of the books or laptops that occupy most tables, a tall white disposable cup sits. This is the typical scene at the MSU Student Union.  The screeching noise is the sound […]

Cramming for Finals? Consider the Effect of Energy Drinks

By Jessica McGregor Pulled an all-nighter lately? It is hard to imagine staying up all night to finish a research paper or study for a final without some sort of energy aid to keep from dozing off in the library. What most students may not know is that energy drinks and other caffeinated beverages actually […]