It’s Tradition: The Rock

On an average week its color often varies and its message changes regularly, but its presence at Michigan State University is one thing that seemingly remains the same. As a key location for activism, promotion and memorialization – the Rock has become a Spartan tradition almost as solid as the structure itself. According to research […]

MSU workshops offer a variety of learning opportunities for students

As first-year undergraduate students who have already spent almost two months in new college life, many have questions or problems that they have never handled before. People at Michigan State University, with a passion to help students to pull through this time of transition, have volunteered to create many kinds of workshops. One of the […]

It’s Tradition: Get the scoop on the MSU Dairy Store

On the campus of Michigan State University, there’s one place that students and visitors can always count on for a tasty treat: the Dairy Store. The central location, and reportedly the most popular, is in Anthony Hall located next to the Dairy Plant. A second, and smaller, store can also be found in the MSU […]

Halloween-themed events for MSU students

What seems to be every college student’s favorite holiday is quickly approaching as October comes to an end. Halloween-themed events will be happening all around campus and in the Greater Lansing area to get students in the spirit of the candy-centered and spooky celebration. The Michigan State University Activities Board will be hosting Paint-A-Pumpkin on […]

Road block: Construction is leading to new and improved campus features

Walking through campus you might have been noticing the bright orange cones, thick lines of tape and the melodious sounds of drilling and hammering. It’s construction season here at MSU, and it’s bee going on for awhile. There are currently three large projects happening on campus. Reconstruction of the steam distribution in the West Circle […]