Trump and the exploitation of ignorance

Immigration was, is, and always shall be one of America’s chief long term controversies. Public opinion is perpetually shattered in half—liberals calling conservatives heartless bigots and conservatives firing back with arguments that suggest amnesty can’t realistically be sustained. Differing political philosophies clash like the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object. In turn, it’s become very […]

What to expect from College Basketball this postseason

This season of college basketball has been a crazy one. Teams ranked No. 1 have fallen almost constantly throughout the year. Perennial contenders have struggled a bit in their conference and teams that typically struggle throughout the year have risen to the higher positions. With the college basketball postseason right around corner here are some […]

President Obama faces a challenge in nominating successor for Supreme Court

On Feb. 13, the most widely recognized conservative voice on the Supreme Court, Antonin Scalia, died. Scalia took his seat on the Supreme Court as Associate Justice on Sept. 26, 1986, after President Ronald Reagan nominated him. He wrote opinions that used strong legal language. He scathingly used precedent or constitutional arguments to craft blunt […]

It’s Tradition: The Rock

On an average week its color often varies and its message changes regularly, but its presence at Michigan State University is one thing that seemingly remains the same. As a key location for activism, promotion and memorialization – the Rock has become a Spartan tradition almost as solid as the structure itself. According to research […]

Student and faculty opinions on the Oscars

It’s Oscar season! Tune in this Sunday, Feb. 28, at 7 p.m. Get ready for sparkly Valentino gowns and black Armani suits. Will Leonardo DiCaprio finally win his Oscar? Students and faculty members of Michigan State University weigh in. Bob Albers, senior video specialist and film enthusiast, believes “Spotlight,” the gripping drama based on a […]

New Immersive Studio for Communication Arts and Sciences students

According to the College of Communication Arts and Sciences, summer construction will bring students an immersive studio, a glass-walled newsroom and huge opportunity. The space, opening for classes in January 2017, will be named The Center for Immersive Media Education. Its goal is to provide students with a chance to participate in creating and delivering […]