The Return of the Rabble Rouser

[moore] Rapturous applause shook the room Thursday, September 30, when Oscar winning filmmaker and best selling author Michael Moore took the stage of the MSU Auditorium. The appearance was part of Moore’s Slacker Uprising Tour 2004. The focus of the tour is to motivate the apathetic among us to get out and vote on November […]

No Glove, No Love

So, you wanna have sex. With over 45,000 students attending Michigan State University this year, the chances of you getting lucky and hooking up with one of them are pretty high. But every college student knows, or should know, that no cap, no tap. “If you really love her, wear a rubber.” “Wrap your stump […]

Hummus Breath

It’s Friday afternoon, and the week has dragged on far too long. Time to eat. Choices abound both on and off campus, but the food in the dorm cafeterias or pizza just sounds boring today. Today, something different sounds mouth-watering. [pizza] Middle Eastern food fits the bill: it’s new, it’s different and, if you know […]

Literary Corner: Growing Up a Lad

[lads] The image most college students have when they look out their dorm window into the abyss of the future is probably relatively the same: corporate business suits, deadlines, nine to five work schedules, maybe even some dreadful cubicles. Young novelist Dave Itzkoff brings to life the underbelly of the magazine world, as well as […]

The Best You’ve Never Heard: Steppin In It

[band] A bluegrass infused, hillbilly-boppin’, progressively fun jam band? Yes, you heard correctly. Visiting the Green Door Bar, 2005 E. Michigan Ave., on any given Monday means you better slip on your flood pants, because you’re about to step knee-deep into the new face of roots music. Steppin’ In It, a local acoustic jam band, […]

Battle at the Polls

[voting] He’s 19. He thought about going to college after graduation, but meager funds made that dream a bleak one. So he did what he thought was right and joined up. Now he’s fighting in war he does not understand. He is your brother, your sister, your friend and neighbor. He puts his life on […]

Open Up to Olin

[van] Toothache, backache, stomachache, cough, cold, flu. Olin Health Center is the place to go for Michigan State University students who need medical care. Olin offers students a variety of medical services ranging from its urgent care facility to its health education department. When seeing 20,000 to 22,000 students per year, it is important that […]

Where To Be

[random]Sukkah Decorating 101Thursday, September 30 at the MSU Hillel at 4 p.m.Bring your creative ideas; the Sukkah and supplies will be supplied. Cider and snacks served. Panel Discussion – “The Face in the Mirror: Living in a Multicultural or Multiracial Family”Thursday, September 30 at the East Lansing Public Library (950 Abbott Rd) at 7 p.m.How […]

Fish and Chips and
Family Ties

[dublin] When communications senior Jimmy Donnellon signed up to spend the summer of 2003 abroad in Dublin, Ireland he did much more than simply study the Irish Film and Literature that the program required. He traced his family’s roots back to the home where his great grandmother grew up, learned how to drive on European […]

Opposite Sides of the Fence

Another Civil Right? See if these quotes sound familiar. “These types of marriages are abominable, according to Virginia law. If allowed, they would pollute America.” “Such unions are not only unnatural, but always productive of deplorable results, such as increased effeminate behavior in the population. They are productive of evil, and evil only, without any […]