SoS Media: Print is Failing

The traditional model of advertisement-funded printed newspapers is failing in the journalism realm and here on campus. The first level of failure is financial. According to The State News Report on Financial Statements available at their office, The State News’s revenue for 2009 was down $667,686 from the previous year. This is mainly due to […]

SoS Media: The Impact (89 FM, that is)

As part of The Big Green and Spartanedge’s series on “The State of State’s Media,” TBG Editor in Chief Emily Lawler sat down with Impact 89 FM Station Manger Jeremy Whiting. Read on or take a listen for Whiting’s words on how Impact is evolving, student tax dollars at use and what he thought of […]

SoS Media: Competition

Michigan State University is a diverse campus with more than 47,000 people who have different backgrounds, interests and demands when it comes to their news. Are those demands really being met? Spartanedge and The Big Green are online publications that contribute to the diversity and vibrancy of campus, and we are greatly concerned by a […]

Falling for the Season

Ahh, fall! MSU kids may have to drive twenty minutes to find a cider mill and buy cider at Meijer, but at least we get some great scenery. Of course there’s campus trees (see our slide show!), but I also love seeing the kids trick-or-treat in the dorms, and older Halloween participants walk the line […]


Greetings TBG Followers and Friends, The leaves aren’t the only ones changing colors this fall- The Big Green is hopping into the new school year with a new Web site, new publishing schedule and new staff members! The creation of this Web site was generously supported by Campus Progress and established by CoPress. A lot […]

Why Cap and Trade Won’t Work

When it comes to the environment, I am a tree hugger.  I believe man’s carbon imprint on God’s Earth is both immoral and unsustainable. I also happen to be, however, a fiscal conservative. I am skeptical whenever government tries to meddle with my pocketbook or interfere with the market equilibrium, as they have a reliable […]