Insight From Abroad: Study Abroad in South Africa

Leah Wainwright is a senior in advertising management. The Big Green sat down with her to discuss her summer in Cape Town, South Africa, and what she learned from her study abroad experience. The Big Green: What study abroad program did you participate in? Where was it located? Leah Wainwright: I did a summer study […]

Insight from Abroad: Cameroon

Elijah Dikong is a visiting assistant professor in Michigan State University’s Department of Statistics and Probability. Dikong hails from the West African country of Cameroon, but has spent a considerable amount of time in the United States. The Big Green talked to Dikong about his education background and cultural differences he has observed in American […]

Insight From Abroad: China

Meet Yushen Xiang, a political science freshman. Although born in Beijing, Xiang, who goes by the American name of Christina, has lived in America since 2009, when she enrolled at a boarding school in Maine.  The Big Green: What drew you to America? Yushen Xiang: “I came here for high school first, and I think […]

Insight from Abroad: Australia

Meet Andrew Cox, a mathematics junior who comes from a land down under, hailing straight from Melbourne, Australia. The Big Green: What drew you to America, and more specifically, Michigan State? Andrew Cox: “I came to America because I was interested in seeing what it would be like to study in a different English speaking culture. […]

Insight from Abroad: Ghana

Each month, global view will feature in international student at Michigan State, and share their insights on life at home and abroad. Barbara Kotei took a path that includes not only highways and streets, but also oceans when she first arrived at Michigan State University. Kotei, a molecular biology freshman, is an international student from […]