Paris attacks leave hundreds dead, more injured

On Nov. 13, France was attacked. Four different locations within Paris were hit, including a hostage situation and mass shooting in the Bataclan theater and explosions at the Stade de France during the France vs. Germany soccer game. Two restaurants were also fired upon in a different part of the city. French President Francois Hollande […]

Review: Dirty Dancing at the Wharton Center

A great balance between music and dance, this Broadway adaptation of “Dirty Dancing” captivates and keeps you on your toes with humorous anecdotes. Not straying very far from the original story line, there is an even bigger emotional connection to the characters of Baby and Johnny as their time on stage allows their chemistry to grow. […]

MSU Bucket List: 16 things to do before you graduate

Some people say high school is the best years of your life, others would argue that college takes the cake. Spartans, whether it takes you more or less than four years to complete college, make sure to complete this bucket list before leaving Michigan State University. 1. Join a club Michigan State University has over […]

Halloween-themed events for MSU students

What seems to be every college student’s favorite holiday is quickly approaching as October comes to an end. Halloween-themed events will be happening all around campus and in the Greater Lansing area to get students in the spirit of the candy-centered and spooky celebration. The Michigan State University Activities Board will be hosting Paint-A-Pumpkin on […]

MSU ghost stories: fact or fiction?

Imagine you are walking across campus, and the sun is disappearing just over the skyline. It is a little chilly, but it’s a comfortable autumn evening. Though you are walking alone, you have no reason to be fearful of your surroundings. Everyone you pass gives a quick glance and an innocent smile, before continuing on […]

“Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” Steps into East Lansing

Frank Baird created “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” in 2001 to raise awareness for sexual violence against women. Finding the issue downplayed by the media and American culture in general, the original organizers of the event worked hard to create a nationally renowned campaign with locally organized events happening all across the country. According […]

Movie Review: The Martian

It’s been a while since the theaters have shown something that didn’t involve superheroes, Sherlock Holmes or reanimated dinosaurs. “The Martian” qualifies as science fiction because it takes place in a world where we can put a team of people on Mars, but it tends to be realistic (or realistic enough that Neil deGrasse Tyson […]