Everything I Need to Know I Never Learned in College

My dad recently reminded me, as I sat on his couch in my pajamas at two in the afternoon on a Wednesday, eating ice cream straight from the tub, watching reruns of Boy Meets World, that he and my mother paid more than 40k for my education at Michigan State. And since coming home, I […]

Confessions of a Kindergarten Baby

“I want to wear the sparkly hair!”[traci4] Before I could protest, Jenny had snatched the Halloween wig off my head, releasing my static-laden blonde hair into my face. She had only been at my house for five minutes before she decided to take over the whole dress-up operation, but after almost four years of this […]

Commencement Speakers That Don’t Suck.

[traci]I sometimes like to pretend my upcoming graduation ceremony will actually be about me and my fellow graduates. In other words, I like to lie to myself. I know, come May 6, I’ll be sitting in the Breslin Center, my head dipping toward my chest every few seconds as some incredibly dull Washington phony rambles […]

Bloggers Beware

When I started an online journal two years ago, I did so to rant to more than one person at a time. I loved how the keys felt under my flying fingers after an especially rotten day, and I welcomed the encouraging comments my friends would leave at the bottom of my entry. It was […]

Bumbling Bureaucrats

What does a student organization have to do to get some respect in this place? Hell, not even respect, just some common courtesy that should be extended to any contributing member to the human race, even if that human happens to be a lowly college student interrupting your game of Minesweeper. In order to get […]

St. Martin’s in the Morning

[stmartin2]The sun beams down on Trafalgar Square in London, as I emerge from the Underground Station at Charing Cross. It is midmorning; people flutter by with hurried expressions planted firmly on their focused faces. Ahead of me, a black iron fence surrounds a stone church with a large steeple rising up from its top. The […]

Election 2004: Thanks for the Memories

They interrupted our lives to bring us ten months of political banter, empty promises and the same old talking points. But, in less than a week, it will all be over, barring another Supreme Court decision. (This means you, Florida.) In less than a week, I can again talk to my conservative friends without feeling […]

Knights in BMWs

The heroic knight slays the dragon and rescues the damsel from the tower of a gray castle, ultimately winning her heart and the rule of the kingdom. This is Medieval history, as Americans have come to know it, in a nutshell: a world of fantasy and action thanks to Hollywood’s portrayals of the period. Could […]