PowerShift Conference a Success

Students from across Michigan convened at the state’s capital for PowerShift, a three-day environmental summit promoting green technology and clean, alternative energy sources. Events included workshops, musical performances, and keynote speakers, such as Jerome Ringo and Jessy Tolkan. The conference culminated with a rally on the steps of the Capitol – with students holding signs […]

Fair Trade for This Town

“Everything $15 or less!” displays a large white sign, a sign not ordinarily seen in front of a clothing store, much less a fair trade boutique. But for La Bodega, the new fair trade retail store located in Downtown East Lansing, ordinary wasn’t enough. “We’ve always focused on being cute and funky and unique,” said […]

Better Know a Country

On October 7, the Associated Press reported that government ministers from the Republic of Maldives had begun preparing for their first ever underwater cabinet meeting, to emphasize the impact of climate change on rising sea levels. Maldives is the lowest-lying nation on earth, with its highest point only eight feet above the sea level, and […]

Secular Students Unite

MSU may be a public, and therefore secular, university, but that does not guarantee that atheists are accepted among the student population. “People have a negative perception of us and judge us based on what they think atheists are like,” comparative cultures and politics sophomore Cameron Lucke said. He considers himself an atheist. MSU has […]

Welcome to Riot School

“Party school” is some people’s choice phrase to describe MSU, but in recent years, especially after last year’s Cedar Fest tear-gas chaos, others think “riot school” is more appropriate. But while MSU’s party school legend has been around for awhile, the history of riot outbreaks is a relatively recent one. In the 1960s and 1970s, […]

Growing Roots

The Student Organic Farm can be found at the end of a winding dirt road. This small, ten-acre farm sits in the midst of an open field, sprinkled with snow. Organic greenhouses, built out of wood and plastic, line the ad-hoc driveway where workers park their cars and, on occasion, tractors. Farm manager Tomm Becker […]

Jazz It Up

“Jazz is the great American tradition,” woodwinds professor Joseph Lulloff said. Though jazz has been around for decades, the influences of jazz today stretch far and wide – everything from rock and roll to hip hop. Whether you are a true connoisseur of jazz, a student looking for some live entertainment and good food or […]

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Students are “going green” with more than just their cheers on the football field thanks to President Simon’s “Boldness by Design” initiative and the Office of Finance and Operation’s Environmental Stewardship campaign. The recent push for environmentalism here on campus has blossomed into a complex system that requires participation by the entire MSU community. [eco1] […]