The Big Green Benefit Bash

Join us for an afternoon of hope! WHO: The Big Green. Add Some Green to Your News Diet. WHAT: The Big Green Benefit Bash for the Starfish Organization featuring Brant from Rootstand, The Family Tree, La Famiglia, Molly-Jean, The Hassan Malouf Jazz Band, Incidental Music, Mark & Travis, The Accafellas, silent auction and MORE! WHEN: […]

Happy 3rd Anniversary to TBG!

You have opinions. We have (just about) unlimited Web space. Say it in under 1,000 words and we\’ll publish it. Send your letters to us at Include your name, major and year. The Big Green Editorial Staff Sarah Hunko, Editor-in-Chief Ashley Symons, Assistant Editor Shannon Hoffman, State Side Editor. Caitlin Dobson, Global View Editor […]

The Real Global Epidemic

In 1981, when AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) was just beginning to immerge in the United States, the problem was met with confusion by medical professionals and apathy by politicians. Gay men were the first patients of the disease, leading to its original name, GRIDS (Gay-Related Immunodeficiency Syndrome). It wasn\’t until the mid-eighties that AIDS became […]

See You In January

Readers, It has been a hell of a semester, and we need a break just like you. We will be in Bali then to Fiji for the month, hence the absence. Thank you for reading and check out our next issue January 13, 2005. Have a happy and healthy Winter break. And don’t worry, we’ll […]