Best You’ve Never Heard: Sh! The Octopus

It’s not too often that one comes across a band who’s trying to silence you in the first part of their name. It’s also not too often that the same band has problems distinguishing themselves from another band because of similar titles.(THIS SENTENCE DOESNT MAKE SENSE–WHAT IS SHE TRYING TO SAY?) But such is the […]

Another World

(WEAK LEAD–MAYBE DESCRIBE A SCENE FROM A POPULAR INTERNATIONAL FILM I.E. PANS LABYRINTH, AMELIE, MOTORCYLE DIARIES) Throughout the fall, the MSU Department of History is putting on their second annual international film series playing films from all over the world. Professors in the history department hope the students will realize the importance of international cinema […]

stereotyping piece

August 22. My first day as a college student in America. I entered my dorm room. Dorm room, now that sounds nice. My roommate had yet to make an appearance, and I got to make the first choices. While cleaning up and putting everything in place I thought of how she was going to be; […]

A Minor Problem

[mug]I always imagined getting arrested for a noble cause, like Mahatma Ghandi with the Salt March, Rosa Parks with her public transit protest or Russell Crowe when he hit that maid in the temple with a telephone (she had it coming – the pillows weren’t fluffed). Despite this fantasy, the law and I clashed for […]

A Not-So-Sweet Sugar Problem- HOLD

[sugar]I am a type 1 juvenile diabetic. I eat sugar. I am not overweight. And I am not a member of the epidemic type 2 diabetes sweeping the United States. Type 2 diabetes is a growing problem with the elderly, the youth and obese Americans. A huge assumption is type 2 diabetes is the same […]


With financial and moral pressure greater than ever, college students have to cope with a different stress than our parents and grandparents had to deal with in their college years. Being a college student in the 20th century means pressure with drug and alcohol experimentation, increased competition in classes, and poor eating and sleeping habits. […]

Anxiety Attack

Your professor muttered the words you\’ve been dreading all week, “Alright class if you could please put your books away, we are now distributing and beginning the exam.” You can’t even focus – you\’re breaking your own concentration by the tapping of your pencil against your desk and the constant shaking of your leg. Wait. […]

The Morning After

In a 2002 study more than 500 Michigan State students reported having an unplanned pregnancy or unintentionally getting someone pregnant while at school. According to the same study by the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research, only 7 percent of students that year had used the morning after pill as a method to prevent […]