“Safe Styles” Separating on Cultural Lines

Whether or not we mean to, we are constantly judging, stereotyping and labeling and then making assumptions based on fashion. These standards then play a part in defining who we are as individuals. “Stereotypes exist because there are people that would rather create labels and groups then get to know someone,” said apparel and textiles […]

Working It Off the Runway

[[fashion3]] Flipping the TV channels makes people think that having a career in the fashion world involves a lot of drama, unrealistic deadlines and an instantly glamorous lifestyle. Between America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway, and the latest competition, Stylista, fashion on TV has become more about entertainment than an accurate view into the career […]

All Eyes on the Mitten

Who is the Michigan voter? That is one question presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain have been entertaining since the race to the White House began over a year ago. Deciphering the hearts and minds of Michigan’s residents is a vital aspect to both candidates’ campaigns because what the voters want to hear is […]

What Not to Wear, East Lansing Style

We’ve all experienced the “I have nothing to wear” dilemma. But instead of throwing out your clothes and criticizing your sense of style, read on for some dated fashion trends, taken right from campus. I began my journey with a keen eye out for those irritating trends that are usually overplayed. After observation, especially on […]

Playing the (Energy) Field

It’s no shock that athletes are a superstitious crowd. Whether it is wearing a lucky pair of socks, eating a certain meal before the big game or listening to a favorite song, athletes are notorious for pre-game rituals. And perhaps the most superstitious sport of all, baseball, is turning to a new method. The newest […]

Fashion Bandits

In 1999, when the United States was introduced to Napster, a huge wave of unforeseen dogfights came along with the downloading system. Let’s face it, the idea of free music is seemingly harmless – that is, unless you are Kanye West or The Red Hot Chili Peppers. The colossal issue of illegal downloading in the […]

Green is the New Black

Who knew purses made from old seatbelts or a tunic from a cut-up plastic bag could be one of the hottest additions to your wardrobe? These days, designers are including different pieces in their collections, made from recycled and organic materials, and suddenly celebs everywhere are flaunting their eco-friendly outfits and their “I’m Not a […]