Imported Animation

[pic1]It’s safe to assume that just about everyone at one point has been mesmerized by cartoons. Whether you rose at 6 a.m. on Saturday mornings to watch them or were engrossed by comic heroes in flashy graphic novels – cartoons pervaded many of our childhoods. From Bugs to Mickey, Scooby Doo to Thundercats, Care Bears […]

From Tijuana to iTunes

[1] Amidst the tumbling barrage of high-crest and low-dipping pitches, unconventional chords plucked in unperfected syntax and an uneven bar arrangement poured over an unrecognizable language, a large niche core is swelling around the Latin Alternative music scene. The niche, marked with a burgeoning young fan base,owes its very soul to the cohesive catalyst of […]

Flashy Philanthropists

If he chooses to do so, Bono could take all the money required to pay your full four year tuition at MSU, spend some obscene amount of cash to have a French designer roll it up into a giant toilet-paper-money-spool-thing (accented with gold trim)…and then proceed to exuberantly wipe his ass with all of it. […]

Under the Glare of Big Brother

[camera]When every blinking light in the sky isn’t exactly a star, when little black domes beep meticulously at your every step, when the clicking on your phone conversation becomes overbearing, when you feel an ever-growing warm spot on the back of your neck… You may be under surveillance. Welcome to the future We are living […]

Peaceful Solution

On any given whim, our country has destructive power profound enough to obliterate any nation in the world. But just because we can doesn’t mean we should. With all of the power the U.S. holds, would it be wise to devote some of it to making and keeping peace? Bernard K. Doyle, Jr., a retired […]

Ms. President

The United States is still a baby. Sure, we’ve come a relatively long way in our nation’s diminutive 200-plus-year saga, but as a whole, our history is still a young one. In a country founded on the ideal of “all men…created equal,” it seems we are still far from general equality. And while we’ve made […]

Beneath the Surface

Rachel Expose sat paralyzed in front of the glare of continuous CNN headlines. August 29th had taken its toll on her. From the living room she could hear repeated dialing from her father’s fingers, but she knew he was getting nowhere. She watched from afar as her Cajun roots became submerged in the murky waters […]