Get Out of Dodge

Study abroad programs can take students to nearly every corner of the world, providing a chance to learn something about an entirely different culture. So why does it seem like most students end up in Western Europe? Here are some programs that will take you outside the ordinary. Transitioning to Eastern Europe Here\’s a study […]

Importing Mickey

Last month, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld traveled to China to improve the military relations between the Chinese and the Americans. But even before Rumsfeld’s plane landed, the United States had, in a way, already sent an American representative to China: Mickey Mouse. The opening of Hong Kong Disneyland marks the Disney company’s big break […]


This summer, Michigan State University, like colleges and universities across the nation, will release yet another class of academically-trained individuals into the world. These graduating seniors have learned a great deal during their stay at higher education institutions, from writing to economics…to liberalism? In early April, a study conducted by professors at Smith College, George […]

Highly Qualified Worries

From the inner city of Detroit to the rural town of Grass Lake, Mich., public schools are feeling the heat. The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 has left many schools grappling, despite its promises. [bug2] In 2001, the federal government passed the education legislation. The “blueprint” of this bipartisan legislation, as President George […]

Country Education

In 2001, the federal government passed the education legislation, “No Child Left Behind.” The ‘blueprint’ of this bipartisan legislation, as President George W. Bush puts it, is to increase accountability for student performance, focusing on what works. “Federal dollars will be spent on effective, research based programs and practices. Funds will be targeted to improve […]

Facebook Addicts Anonymous

Advertising sophomore Sarah Gonzalez didn’t mean to become addicted. When she first tried it with some friends, she “thought it’d be really stupid, but then we really liked it a lot.” Some students are able to control their use of it, like education freshman Allison Lavoie. She uses it only occasionally, as a “thing to […]

Executive Decisions

Not just anyone can become Commander in Chief. At least these days. The authors of the Constitution made this very clear by laying out some strict criteria to follow: You must be no younger than 35 years, you must have been born in the United States and you must have lived in the United States […]

Value Buster

Meet Buster Baxter. He is a third grader who lives in Elwood City with his mom. This year he’s joined his dad, a pilot, and rock group Los Viajeros for a trip across the country and across a few borders. Along the way, he meets kids and videotapes his time spent with them to share […]

Prince Charming No More

Once upon a time, I watched Cinderella and Snow White fall in love with their tall, handsome, gentlemanly princes. Even today, when I watch “The Princess Diaries” movies with my little sister, Disney is still promoting royalty as well-meaning individuals destined to rule in the interest of their people with grace and integrity. As small […]

Is Christ Lost Somewhere Under the Tree?

For many, it’s a Christmas tradition to sit in front of the television and watch the 1965 special “Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown.” We laugh as Lucy reveals her Christmas wish for real estate, empathize with Charlie Brown’s frustrations, and listen carefully as Linus tells us what it’s all about. Then we turn off the TV, […]