Awfully Sweet

It has been blamed for childhood obesity by Vice President-Elect Joe Biden, hyped by a famous food activist as the cause of environmental catastrophes, and casually called poison by people who want to police our dinner tables. It can be found gracing the ingredients portion of almost every soda can and potato chip bag. And […]

Drink Responsibly

Alongside notebooks, pencils and pens, the next essential classroom accessory seems to be a water bottle to sip on in between scribbling down notes. Water bottles are the first choice among students who are trying to stay hydrated during a dry lecture. “It’s the last thing I grab before I leave my apartment,” nursing senior […]

Not Hankering for the Hanky Panky

While Miranda, Samantha, Charlotte and Carrie may have perfected it, they were not the only ones who spent lunches gossiping about their sex lives. College students and young adults are almost expected to be sexual. And if they are not, even then they are just waiting until marriage to hop in the sack. That is […]