A Safe Haven

Thirty-eight percent of them are date-rape victims. Twenty-two percent of them have experienced physical violence in dating relationships. And annually, 100 of them look to the MSU Safe Place for advice and shelter. They are college-age women, and they defy the false belief that only married couples experience domestic violence. In fact, women ages 16 […]

They Must Be Colorblind

Last Saturday, most people in East Lansing sat with racing hearts and clenched fists in front of their televisions. For four-and-a-half grueling hours, Spartan fans were riding an emotional roller coaster through the rivalry game against U of M. Fans watched as the Spartans lost a 17-point lead and spun into triple overtime, finally ending […]

Excited on the Ice

Shortness of breath, chest pains, and a state of dazed confusion were all side effects felt across the nation on September 15, 2004. No, not side effects of a heart attack, but rather the pangs of withdrawal felt by die-hard hockey fanatics after the National Hockey League postponed its 2004-2005 season indefinitely, due to the […]

Dude, Where’s My Bike

After three hours of studying for a calculus midterm, the last thing on one’s mind is making sure their bike lock went through the bike’s front tire, frame, and most importantly, the bike rack. Yet, on today’s campus, students don’t have to just worry about the most expensive or attractive bikes being stolen. Bike theft […]