Thanks for the Ride

This Friday, MSU’s Class of 2006, myself included, will attend commencement in all its pomp-and-circumstance glory. We’ll place the caps upon our heads (now bursting with knowledge) and stroll our world-class educated selves across the stage and on to start the rest of our lives. Or at least that’s how the story goes. Whoever’s idea […]

The Test of Our Time

On a dry South African winter day in Soweto, the dust I kick up with my boots covers my skin and creates a gritty film in the back of my mouth, choking me and grating on my molars. [1] It’s impossible to understand this corner of Africa without understanding its dust. The dust has a […]

Twilight in the Robert E. Lee Fountain Square

Here we are – two effeminate gays and a half-Mexican in the Deep South – one ionic and desperately hot evening. As thin cotton shirts stick to sweat-streaked bodies, the air in Forsyth, Georgia, is so electrically charged that sandals spark cement and insects zap one another in the sunlight. Our tanned and tired limbs […]

Secrets from the Editor’s Desk

Gentle Reader, I hope as you’re reading, you’ve noticed some changes in the magazine from our earliest days and even since our evolution into a monthly publication. Each issue we’re trying to do a better job at bringing stories to you that are actually interesting and worthwhile, something not so easy to do if you […]

501 Dreams

[sarah6d] The two of them lounge and smoke Turkish Jade’s atop a quilted twin bed, remembering their most recent dreams. Their most current late-night séances are filled with car rides, coercion, penises and old friends. Laughter erupts when Will describes his latest dream where he was riding in a beat-up truck with several others, including […]

Road Warriors

Brown wet leaves, cracked party cups, a few lingering Bush/Cheney signs and SUVs. Ah, home sweet home. [me2]These are the sidewalks of my street this December. During most of my stroll down M.A.C. Ave. my head is filled with the thought, where the hell am I? My street, and more specifically the fast driving, gas-guzzling, […]

Talkin’ Bout My Generation

We’ve been bombarded by ads and newspaper articles telling us this election is the “most important election in this lifetime,” but most pundits and experts have yet to tell me why this election should matter to my generation. As the writers, business people, decision makers, comedians, parents, police officers, musicians, engineers and peacemakers of the […]

Mad as Hell

[mad]Angry is not the word. Infuriated. Outraged. Disheartened. None of these words can describe how I feel that ten rapes have been reported on campus since September. I struggle with the numbers and even more so with the way our campus is handling the situation. The administration has yet to take concrete action and our […]

New Media, New Focus

The media. Ugh. Who needs them? It’s not like they’ve done us right lately. That seems to be the common sentiment about our media these days. A shrug, a smug look, and an “Eh, who needs em.” [blah]Well, the truth is we do need them and I’m not just saying that because I’m a journalism […]