Say it With Us: A-S-M-S-U

Last week, ASMSU held its annual elections. Did you vote? Probably not. Do you even know what ASMSU is, besides just five letters frequently mentioned around campus? If you answered no, you’re not alone. “I’ve vaguely heard of them,” criminal justice junior Edward Besonen. “I know that they’re a student organization that assists students with […]

Of Sound Mind

Behind the media frenzy that is the Terri Schiavo case there is a woman. A woman that, at 27, collapsed of a heart attack triggered in part by her struggle with an eating disorder. A woman that, today, leads a very different life than the vibrant young woman pictured in newscasts. She has remained in […]

A Conscious Cup

There’s no shortage of coffeehouses around MSU’s campus. Everywhere you look, new coffee shops seem to be opening for business. Each shop carves a niche for itself in the coffee market, hoping to attract a certain portion of consumers. All java joints fulfill the basic function of selling legal addictive stimulants in beverage form to […]

An Indulgent Affair

[choco1] Imagine a room infused with the sweet aroma of chocolate. Tables set up with attractive chocolate candy, cakes, cookies, cheesecake, tortes and a variety of chocolate confections. In one area, a large crowd of people are gathered to dip pieces of fruit into a tall chocolate fondue fountain. At a table there are glasses […]