American Injustice (by Jenn Horton)

One summer a few years back, my sister and I met some new people at the beach. One of our newfound friends mistook her for me. Our similar features occasionally make it difficult for those who don’t know us to tell us apart. Unfortunately, mistaken identity is not always something you can fix with a […]

Capital Punishment (by Jenn Horton)

One summer a few years back, my sister and I met some new people at the beach. One of our newfound friends mistook her for me. Those who know us well find our features to be somewhat similar, but have never had a single problem differentiating the two of us. The point of this story […]

Mae-hem In East Lansing

They’ve toured with the Vans Warped Tour, changed guitar players, recorded two CDs and a follow up B-sides album, and on Thursday, March 5th, the indie-rock band Mae finally visited the utopia that is Michigan State University.[group] Named after the drummer’s undergraduate philosophical theories at Virginia’s Old Dominion University, Mae is actually an acronym for […]

Shares Well with Others (by Beth Skubisz)

Alleged file sharers hail from all over the world, but college campuses remain primary targets for record industries as they target illegal downloaders. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has heightened its attack on the youth of America in recent weeks by suing 68 individuals on college campuses for sharing music files. MSU is […]

Trophy Guitar

Fridays before my guitar lessons, I park my car a block away from the music store just so I can strut down the sidewalk toting my Washburn acoustic by my side. The street before me is my private runway. I appear apathetic to the pedestrians glancing at my bulky, six-string sidekick. I hope they are […]

The Downlow on Downloading (by Beth Skubisz)

Generation X is an age group exposed to hi-tech innovations like the flip phone, the Internet, peel stamps, and the availability of free music downloads. Shawn Fanning, a revolutionary and technologically-minded young person, changed the music industry forever with the idea of swapping music files via a computer’s central server. The creation of “Napster” united […]

The Lonely Jew

Christmas: a time of togetherness, unity and generosity. A time when all of the resentment and mishaps of the year seem to melt away, and peace and good tidings squeeze the hearts of people everywhere. Christmas is the season where a soft blanket of snow covers all the land, and children sit around the fragrant […]

Around the World In 30 Years

After sleeping on park benches in Paris, joining a punk rock band in Japan, riding over a land mine in Cambodia and drinking Vodka with a member of the Russian mafia on the Siberian trail, some might say Glenn Mathes has seen it all. With the international experience of over 30 countries under his belt […]

When Worries Grow Out of Hand

Chris’s fingernails are worn down so low from his nail-biting habit that his cuticles sometimes bleed from being chewed raw. The telecommunications senior bites his nails whenever he studies or contemplates life after his December graduation. He bites to get rid of the ragged skin around the ends of his fingers, he bites as a […]

God: Bigger Than Words (by Megan Connor)

I asked them a single question. “How have you experienced God?” Many students did not feel comfortable answering, while others elaborated on the exact moment when God became real to them. Despite differences in belief, sect, and even overall religion, one by one, students explained how they view “higher powers.” In the middle of the […]