April featured alumnus: Chris D’Arienzo

It all started with a dream. Chris D’Arienzo, Paw Paw native and ’94 MSU School of Journalism graduate, said during an interview with the Macomb Daily that he would go to musicals all the time while visiting his mother on the East Coast. He dreamed of one day having a musical of his own. “I […]

February featured alumni: The Bachelor edition

In the history of ABC’s hit reality show “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” two Spartan grads have been a part of the fan-frenzy mania. As week five of the 18th season is quickly approaching, the gossip about this year’s bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis, is quickly heating up. But what many MSU students and alumni do […]

Action on abortion legislation heats up in Michigan

Elaina Clark, Michigan State University sophomore human biology student, said that women should not have to be convinced or manipulated into making a decision that could put an innocent child at risk for growing up under poor circumstances. Ohio recently received national attention as it joined eight other states, including Michigan, that require women to […]

Technology in academia is helping less, hurting more

An overwhelming majority of people use it everyday. Some people sleep with it at night, cuddle with it like a favorite stuffed animal and a shocking number of people can’t even go ten minutes without checking it. Technology use is sweeping across the MSU campus like wildfire and it is beginning to creep its way […]

November featured alumna: Julie Aigner-Clark

During a CNBC interview with Julie Aigner-Clark, founder of The Baby Einstein Company, she said that one of the things she admires most about business is when people are willing to listen to the ideas of someone who may not necessarily be “the boss.” “I admire bosses who can listen to people who work for […]

October featured alumnus: Brandon Kirby

Many students wonder how to crack into the incredibly competitive field of journalism, especially if they want to explore the exciting entertainment industry of Los Angeles. “The best qualities to have in being a successful journalist are resilience, persistence, never saying no and always being willing to dig for more,” said Brandon Kirby, MSU School […]

Spartans weigh in on proposed New York soda ban

Now in his third and final term as mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg has, yet again, sparked media and public frenzy with his recent propositions. Passing laws such as the mayoral regulation of the public school system and the ban on smoking in restaurants and bars that eventually led to the entire country […]