When Cupid Shoots and Misses

It can be tough when you walk into Meijer just the day after Christmas and you’re hit with a flood of red and pink Valentines Day paraphernalia. Instantly you are reminded that for the third year in a row you have no significant other to celebrate with. Perusing the mall, overhearing conversations and walking through […]

Resolution Solutions

Lose weight, quit smoking, get organized; you tell yourself the same thing every year. Except by February you weighed more than you did in November, you still find yourself shivering in the cold trying to light a smoke against the windshield, and all those bills and paperwork collecting dust on the fridge? Forget it. They […]

Here for the Holidays

Dear Lou Anna, In the excitement buzzing around campus with the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks, I cannot wait to go home and spend time with my family. But, I got thinking…what happens to the students who cannot afford to, or simply do not want to, head home for the holidays? I remember so long […]

Strip Club Fitness

“Please don’t wear any lotions. You’ll need to wear shorts so your legs are bare, and high heels are introduced during week four,” were some of the instructions explained to me over the phone. Senioritis. That is where it all started. By just the third day of class it hit me hard. I knew I […]