Engineering, Not Just For The Guys

When Christine Pageau tells people her major, she tends to get strange reactions: raised eyebrows, interjections and awkward pauses. Many people are shocked to find out that she is a junior in civil engineering because, well, she is a girl. Pageau just laughs it off. Yes, she is a woman who doesn’t mind calculus or […]

Just Blowing Smoke?

Bars in East Lansing are starting to open their doors to students that are only 18, but these bars do not serve alcohol. Instead, they offer a relaxing atmosphere where students can smoke flavored tobacco through a hookah. Students who would never touch a cigarette feel comfortable heading down to the Blue Midnight Hookah Lounge […]

Green on the Big Screen

Have you ever groaned over gas prices or worried about the quality of your tap water? Chances are that at least one environmental issue has affected your daily life. Our drinking water, energy, food and waste are all environmental concerns. In recent years, an environmental movement that addresses these concerns has exploded across the country […]