For the love of the game: MSU’s Super Smash Bros club

While many MSU students were busy watching the Super Bowl the first weekend in February, members of the MSU Super Smash Bros. Club were watching an entirely different competition: the Apex 2015 Super Smash Bros. Tournament. Competitive Super Smash Bros. tournaments have been growing substantially in popularity in recent years. Over 1,600 people registered to […]

Traveling over Christmas break on a college budget

Christmas break is on its way, and if you’re stuck in Michigan and wondering what to do during over the four-week winter vacation, here are some cheap ideas to check out with a group of friends or family. Michigan Michigan may not have as much going as some of us would like, there’s plenty of […]

Understanding the rush process

Fitting in at MSU often means knowing words like “Shy-Phi” and “D2L”. But one word—“rush”—the process of joining a sorority or a fraternity, remains a mystery to many students. “Rushing is when a potential member new member goes through the recruitment process in the hopes of receiving an invitation [bid] to a house,” said senior […]