Converging Identities

[flag]A few weeks ago, on Saturday, March 19th, the Asian Pacific American Student Organization (APASO) organized and performed in “Tridentity,” a bi-annual cultural show celebrating with song and dance the mixture of its members’ two cultural identities. The celebration featured many different groups ranging from Asian fraternities and sororities to student organizations, like the Student […]

Live And Let Live

Last week a monument featuring the Ten Commandments sat on the steps of the Capitol Building in Lansing. The monument originally sparked controversy when former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore refused to remove it from his own courtroom. It is currently on display across the nation because people like James Cabaniss, head of a group […]

Reaping the New MEAP

“Read the questions to yourself as I read them aloud to you,” instructed a deadpan voice from the front of the classroom, while number-two pencils rolled off desks in rhythm to the ticking clock on the wall. The voice returned. “You have 30 minutes to complete this section.” Sound familiar? It should. With the conclusion […]

Playing in the Grass

It’s winter in rural Montana and just outside the small, picturesque town of Phillipsburg lies a log cabin amidst the rough terrain, wild woods and brilliant blue of the Montana sky. One might expect to see the reincarnation of Henry David Thoreau waltzing through this setting, but instead one is more likely to encounter a […]