Leave Your Inhibitions at Home

[sexshop] Sex– one of a college student’s favorite pastimes. Whether it is with a longtime partner, a random fling, or even just your own five digits, most of us like to engage in some form of activity that allows release. But no matter how you like to get down, there are only so many ways […]

Still Controversial

When Kim Sitler, a 19-year-old sophomore, first met MSU graduate Bassey Eno-idem, 22, upon moving into her apartment, she saw a cute boy. And Bassey, in return, saw a girl with “really pretty eyes.” They bumped into one another from time to time around the apartment complex, and before long, they were acquaintances. They connected, […]

Skin Deep

Not many can say that they are completely happy with what they see in the mirror. Most do not have what society considers the perfect body. Which, after polling both male and female students was defined as tall, thin and toned. Big surprise. For those that do not fit this mold it can be a […]

The S-Word

Slut. It ranks among the most offensive of words. Yet, it gets tossed around so casually in conversation. While racial and ethnic slurs remain taboo, just about anyone can get away with this gender slur. According to Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 10th Edition, a slut is defined as a “[sexually] promiscuous woman.” So by definition, a […]