Breaking the Ice

There were only 18.9 seconds left in the game, and the game between MSU and Boston College was tied, 1-1. Just seconds before, Justin Abdelkader had rung a shot off the post, but this time, he made sure not to miss. Abdelkader snapped the tie with his game-winning goal. But this was no ordinary game: […]

Dear Lou Anna

Dear Lou Anna, My days are spent like most other college freshmen. I wake up, head to the cafeteria, go to classes, Facebook for a while: you know, the usual. And after long hours of taking notes, listening to rambling lectures and walking or biking around campus, it comes time to hit the weights. Where […]

Soccer vs. Futbol

The press has been hyping it up for weeks, and now it is finally here – one of the biggest games of the year, between two rival teams. The pubs and bars fill up hours before the starting whistle blows, as the fans indulge in their pre-game ritual. Meanwhile, the athletes of both teams sit […]