From Poultry to Pandemic

[chick1]The chicks are nervous. Transferred by the students into plastic boxes to be weighed for ANS 252, Introduction to Management of Avian Species, they chirp loudly and crowd over each other for space. These hens are White-Rock Cornish mixes, the fastest growing animal on earth in their first six weeks of life. At three-weeks old, […]

Condom Conclusions

Standing in front of the condom display at Meijer, names jump out at me. I guess Lifestyles brand seems friendly enough. Durex, hmm. Durability sounds good. Trojan always struck me as a rather gung-ho name for a condom. Sure, the horse seemed like a nice gift at first, but who wants their penis to be […]

The Mugabe Problem

It’s been a busy few weeks for Robert Mugabe, the President of Zimbabwe.[mug] Being a devout Catholic, nothing was going to stop him from attending the funeral of Pope John Paul II. Not even an itsy bitsy little travel ban imposed upon him from Europe could prevent him! And while he was there, he even […]

On Bias and Reconciliation

Reporter’s Note: In the past few weeks, I’ve had plenty of time to consider what bias means. Looking at my piece before editing, I would say I was biased against both the speaker and the other looming presence that was in the Erickson Kiva that night: Christianity. My editors saw that, and corrected half the […]

Biased Bounty?

I had read some of Salman Rushdie’s work before for a compulsory English course I took over the summer and had perused some of his short stories afterward. I knew he was in constant exile because of one of his works upsetting the Muslim higher-ups and his life was always in danger. But I never […]

Eastern Where?

Remember a decade ago? I barely do, but maybe that’s a good thing. What a mess of emerging zits and self-loathing that time period was. Remember Bosnia, though? Around the time “Rocko’s Modern Life” was popular and the coolest new toy was that Gak stuff that smelled like tuna fish, Bosnia was experiencing a serious […]

A Wrinkle in Travel Plans

Whether we realize it or not, the state of the world is reflected in our community. The price and quality of our food can be determined by the tenacity of the rainy seasons in the countries within an intertropical convergence zone. The situation in Darfur is declared genocide, and our government, uh, springs into action. […]

Trees for Peace

Plant a tree, keep the peace. For Wangari Maathai, this seemingly crazy concept is essential to understanding her exhaustive efforts for almost 30 years that earned her the title of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. “Wangari has fought for woman’s rights, human rights in Kenya,” Assistant Professor Mary Mwiandi said. Mwiandi is an ardent supporter of […]

Steroids: The Juice Isn’t Worth the Squeeze

The most iconic abuser of anabolic steroids is likely former actor and current (deserved or undeserved) running joke of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger won the prestigious Mr. Olympia bodybuilding every year from 1974 to 1980, preparing him well for his prestigious acting career. Ahhnold now fights against their usage in competitive bodybuilding, but does not […]