Think Outside the Box (of Wine)

Pop. Pour. Swish. Sniff. Sip. It’s safe to assume that most students don’t routinely go through the five steps necessary for a good wine tasting, especially since a cheap box of Franzia is the most experience some students have had with wine.[wine3] This college student’s guide to wine should help the wine-shy start to think […]

An American Girl’s Guide to Europe

[1]I feel like a child crawling into places that used to be locked. But instead of a kitchen cabinet, I’ve got a whole continent to explore. As I stand on the balcony of what is home for eight weeks, looking out on the tree-lined Boulevard Beranger, I can see Citroen cars and Vespa scooters go […]

Pink-Shirt Men

[look]“Metro” may be out of style, but men’s style is more on the move than ever. Hair products, tweezers, a closet full of pink and a small fortune in shoes- the grooming rituals and apparel of men now rival that of the most high-maintenance women. From head to toe, males have been relishing in self-indulgence, […]

Only the Short of It

Short films were the first films, but these days, there is a shortage of the short. That is, until the annual East Lansing Film Festival rolls around. Writer and director Adam Finberg of the short “On Alert,” said when learning the craft of film, it’s best to start by making a short. It’s the stepping-stone […]

How To Be… a Sex God or Goddess

Hear that? It’s the whisper of sweet nothings in your ear. You feel the tempting touch of your Adonis incarnate. Or perhaps it’s the amorous look of your Athena. The feather-soft brush of fingers along the nape of your neck sends tremors down your spine; through your toes and, of course, into your loins. It’s […]

Beneath the Bourbon and Beads

[king]What’s under all those beads? If you’re in New Orleans, the answer is probably not very much. Mardi Gras, which literally means “Fat Tuesday” in French, is rich in history, tradition and religion. It is a time to celebrate and gorge on paczki or King Cake before Lent, a 40-day religious period of repentance and […]

Dreidle, Dreidle, Dreidle

“Put on your yarmulke, here comes Chanukah.” These catchy lyrics from Adam Sandler’s “Chanukah” have permeated American culture, but popular culture tends to neglect the true essence of Chanukah. In fact, the story of Chanukah and the idea of pop cultural assimilation are adverse entities. The translation of Chanukah means dedication, in honor of a […]

Your Town: The MSU Press

In a four-suite office in the Manly Miles Building off of Harrison, a book is born. One of only forty per year, this book, published by the Michigan State University Press, may soon take up space on library shelves and professors’ bookcases across the country. But, most likely, you will never see it on the […]

Finding Their Harmony

As much as I love singing in the shower, I wanted more. My aspirations to take my love for singing above and beyond the soapy corridors, more commonly known as community showers, led me to start a new co-ed a cappella group on campus. I went about finding singers through friends, by posting messages online […]