The Heartbeat of My People

Most family reunions and social gatherings consist of food, music and extensive mingling among distant and close relatives. Surprisingly this is not at all different from a Native American powwow. Tribal members gather to reunite with relatives and old friends, but most importantly, they gather in celebration of tradition and heritage. Since the days of […]

Unconventional Medicine

If you have never been to a massage therapist, I suggest you make an appointment now. I have never felt more relaxed than I did after my first professional massage at the Creative Wellness Holistic Health Center in East Lansing. This experience has introduced me to the fascinating and intricate world of holistic health and […]

Puff, Puff, Pass?

Emerging in the public eye during the development of counterculture in the 1960’s, marijuana has since been identified as a psychedelic drug that stemmed the creation of hippies and the sexual revolution. So-called “stoners” are viewed as clumsy, lazy and idiotic individuals who have no more brain cells remaining due to the vast amount of […]

Puff, Puff, Pass?

Editors’ Note: The term “election season” does not do justice to what our country has experienced for the past two years. Election era seems more accurate. The journey from the primaries to the conventions and now to the debates and Election Day has been riveting, regardless of what candidate you support. As November quickly approaches, […]