Taking the (Dumpster) Plunge

I don’t know why I didn’t wear a rubber suit. It would have helped me forget the festering association nestled at the bottom of each dumpster and that picking through trash is gross. Even while writing this, I am scratching my neck, I feel a rash. Each bag I touched was wet with something, except […]

In a Haze of Music and a Sea of Tents

[lane11]They say some kids don’t make it back to their tents at all the first night. I was almost a part of that statistic. The only way – and I mean the only way – to navigate back to my tent was to apply my high school geometry knowledge to my surroundings. If I conjured […]

Shrouded by Choice

The room is dimly lit and balloons inflate slowly and disperse lazily onto the tile floor. Cupcakes are laced with bubblegum pink frosting and hijabs are left at the door. The energy in the room is happily electric and threatens to burst, like the unfortunate balloons popped by finicky feet as girls quickly decorate the […]