Confessions of a College (Almost) Grad

[one]When a major era comes to a close, you dream of it being epic. It\’s a vain indulgence, a classless way of thinking that you really deserve a smashing exit—or in other terms, a grandiose entrance. But even if there will be champagne, kisses and nostalgic sentiment, I have a feeling it will all be […]

Texting: A New Word for a New World

A single vibration alerts me of a text message in class and right away I feel Ferris Bueller-cool. It\’s funny how such banal little messages can strike visceral nerves (he said what?), outsmart clueless professors and invade our lives in almost every arena. Getting the fleeting beep or vibe can make any receiver feel suave […]

The Campbell Soup Canon

At this point, Andy Warhol is a household name. His own image has evolved into a modern icon, ironically epitomizing what he meant to create in the first place. The sheen simplicity and stark detraction of the artist\’s \”hand\” from the work created a sly manipulation of popular American culture and the erupting fusion of […]

Memoirs of a Memoir

[pieces]The slick exterior adds an element of mystery. The dedication page may reveal a hint of authorial introspection, but no one can prepare what lies inside a memoir. They\’re heavy, meticulously detailed and often melodramatic. Whether a recovering addict pours his self-deprecation and newfound following of Christ onto the page, or an aging immigrant displays […]

Into the Mystic

Besides being nestled inconspicuously within the walls of Olds Engineering Hall, Clarion: The Science Fiction Writer\’s Workshop, has nothing to do with scientific precision or, for that matter, any sense of a tangible reality. Instead, the workshop provides a creative opportunity for aspiring science fiction and fantasy writers to improve their talents, hone further skills […]

A Mad and Masterful Fusion

Burying our heads in one another’s shoulders, tears welling in our eyes on the verge of falling, we were torn by the vehement love affair and ironically beautiful sculptures before us.[sign2] As we made our way through each gallery of the exhibition, their story became clearer. It was a chronological stepping stone into the lives, […]