Rainforest Cosmetics

Global poverty and sustainable development probably aren’t the first things on your mind when you get ready for a big night, but the cosmetics and beauty products you use may be helping indigenous communities half a world away. Douglas J Aveda Institute, 331 E. Grand River Ave., sells beauty products made from 95 percent plant […]

Not There Yet: Minority Faiths Still Have to Work Around a Christian-centric University

This fall, Michigan State University created a ‘reflection room’ in Anthony Hall, which students of any faith can use for prayer. Certain faiths, such as Islam, require daily prayers during the hours classes are normally held, which can be difficult to fulfill on days when students have classes and have to find a quiet spot […]

Destination: Lansing

The United States will admit a maximum of 80,000 refugees in 2009, according to the Cultural Orientation Research Center Web site, and many of these will end up in Lansing. Each of the world’s regions is assigned a limited number of slots that can be filled with people meeting the U.N.’s standard for refugees.  Those same people, according […]

Developing Diversity

When students come to MSU for their first semester, they are suddenly one of 40,000 students from all different backgrounds. Different skin colors, loyalties to political parties, and levels of income collide in one small cubicle of a dorm room. Sometimes it’s an enlightenting experience, other times it’s miserable. But for both of those times […]

Money Matters

Money may or may not be the root of all evil, but one thing is certain, money can cause a great deal of stress for people worried about managing it. In a study published in October by the American Psychological Association (APA), about 80 percent of Americans reported that the money and the economy caused […]

Congo’s Civil War

The men with guns stripped then bound their victims. To save bullets, they stabbed them or broke their necks, throwing the dead into piles. What began as a Christmas Day celebration ended as a nightmare that left over 250 people dead as the Lord’s Resistance Army targeted crowded churches to maximize casualties in retaliation to […]

Capitol Chill

It was the sort of night when even homeless people know not to sleep outside. I had no way of knowing this when my phone alarm started playing irritatingly cheerful attempts at music at 2:30 a.m., while I lay in bed debating whether the inauguration was really so historic that it was worth poking my […]

Watching War Unfold

Cattle are a common sight on the roads in Abkhazia. Tanks are not. A dozen tanks carrying Russian soldiers sat beside the road, setting up a checkpoint for vehicles going to and from the tiny Caucasus nation of Georgia. The soldiers glanced at the two men driving past in a jeep. Their combat fatigues marked […]