Where To Be

Women’s Leadership Conference Nov. 8th at the MSU Union Get in touch with your feminism side at the 7th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference. This year’s theme is “The Courage to Lead, the Power to Make a Difference” with keynote speaker Ingrid Saunders Jones, senior vice president of the Coca-Cola Company and chairperson of the Coca-Cola […]

Animals, Slightly Used.

In April, Melissa Shedd went shopping for a cat. But she doesn’t like breeders, so she went she went to the Capital Area Humane Society (CAHS) and ended up walking out with two. “It was a buy one, get one free deal,” Shedd, a communication junior at Lansing Community College, said. “They were sisters so […]

Proud To Be A Sikh

Supply chain management sophomore Harjap Dhadli was at a Detroit Pistons game with his friend when a 10-year-old boy called him a terrorist. Dhadli told his friend it didn’t bother him, but his friend chastised the kid anyway. International relations freshman Ameek Sodhi had a similar experience after the attacks on the World Trade Center. […]

S.O.S. Cabbies

It doesn’t always seem like the best idea to jump into a big, green van with a Big Daddy or Shaggin’ Wagon Taxi logo scrawled on the tinted side windows. Most moms teach their daughters to avoid cars like those somewhere in between the lessons about never taking candy from strangers and always carrying a […]

University to Elementary

Senior Michelle Smith has learned a lot from college: things like talking slow, being patient and not using too many big words. As president of MSU’s chapter of the Student Michigan Education Association (SMEA), these are skills the elementary education and integrative sciences major has needed when interacting with kids who are 10 or 12 […]

Why Wells?

Albert Alexander looks like the kind of guy who would appreciate a good story. He has the tousled brown hair, the casual T-shirt and, on some days, a batch of brownies in front of Wells Hall. He is not the only one drawn to the campus intersection. What happens at Wells changes daily, but do […]

From Field to Fork

[fork] It was just the average PB&J. Well, that is if the average PB&J was made on bread straight from Zingerman’s Deli, instead of the stale Wonder Bread from aisle three. The peanut butter on that sandwich was ground right in the cafeteria, no salt or sugar added. And maybe there were a few fresh […]