Is God Dead?

In an era where the American people and the president argue about “whose side God is on,” many are left questioning whether or not a higher being even exists. Still others embrace their faith unconditionally, even during trying times. Was Nietzsche right, could God be dead in our society, or is he more alive than […]

Resisting the Vote

Despite the efforts of campaigns like “Vote or Die” and “Rock the Vote,” many young people are refusing to head to the booths to choose a president on November 2. But it is not always apathy that keeps them from the ballot box. In the case of many MSU students, it is frustration with the […]

Mulleted Men and Meeting the Locals

[club] One night in Northern Spain sticks out in Libby Samanen’s mind when she reminisces about her recent trip to Spain this last summer. It was outside the best club in the city of Satander, called Racombole, that her American friends decided to retire from the evening at an early 11:00 p.m. Samanen, a communications […]