The Weekend Drinker

Four years go by so fast. In order to live these years to the fullest, you head to the bars Monday, Tuesday…heck, if it ends in ‘day,’ you’re there! You’re not an alcoholic, you’re a college student…right? Heavy drinking, or binge drinking, which constitutes having five or more drinks in one sitting, is widely accepted […]

The Good Life

My boyfriend recently read a few of my editorials and said “why do you always write about negative things?” At first I was a bit perturbed but then I thought, maybe I have been a bit pissed off lately. So throughout the week, I took an inventory of some things that made me smile… 1. […]

LifeThreatening Boogey Nights

With the recent death of an MSU student in an accidental overdose and the hospitalization of a close friend who drank too much on his 21st birthday, I have been heavily reflecting on why college students continue to over do it. College binge drinking is an epidemic. While some students choose other ways to spend […]

Avoiding Trouble in Paradise

Whether you’re trekking through Europe on an adventurous backpacking tour, traveling to Mexico for sun and sand or making the short flight to South Beach or Margaritaville, I have some news for you. Traveling, especially overseas, requires a lot of preparation. You will need all your travel documents, such as passport, visa, itinerary and travel […]

Get a Dictionary

As I sat reading the newspaper recently, I overheard two college students interacting. When one of the guys said, “You are so gay!” I thought to myself, is that the best you can do? The “gay” word is used far too often in typical conversation between college students. I’ve heard the word used to describe […]

Your Cheatin’ Heart

You don’t know right from wrong/well the love we had is gone/so blame it on your lying, cheating, cold dead-beating/Two-timing, double dealing/Mean mistreating, loving heart… During any given night in East Lansing, many “committed” individuals decide to seal their fate, give into temptation and deceive their significant others. These people are known as cheaters. Everyone […]

Till Death Do Us (Gulp) Part

Diamonds, doves, a flowing white dress, dancing and a little bubbly… ain’t love grand? After a lavish wedding, a romantic honeymoon, the fireworks start to die down, and young married couples return to a not-so charming place: reality. We all recognize this important vow: “Until death do us part.” These words mean forever. And with […]