Summertime Blues

[1]A tumbleweed slowly makes its way across Grand River Avenue. The bells of Beaumont Tower ring through campus without being drowned out by shouts of students making their way from class to class. Outside Espresso Royale someone kicks a hacky-sack to a friend who isn’t there. A look down M.A.C. warrants not people standing in […]

A Hipster Pilgrimage Due Southwest

In mid-March, Austin, Texas will once again see its downtown streets explode with indie rock credibility. [band1]South by Southwest Music and Media Conference (SXSW) will take over the city from March 15-19. (You may remember last year\’s festival documented by the Real World: Austin, cast.) Scenesters’ mouths have been watering all year as they have […]

Riding Tall

[spare]As we rode down Grand River Avenue sitting six feet up, looming over the cars that sped past us, I couldn’t help but wonder what other people do in their spare time. Are other people’s Thursday night rituals – drinking until they are good dancers, wandering the streets looking for a partner and a party […]

Wishing Well

For MSU senior Rebecca DeWitt, documentaries have much more meaning than watching Michael Moore criticize the government, more than a guy eating only McDonald’s for 30 days and, yes, even more than cute penguins narrated by Morgan Freeman. [malawi]The journalism major recently left campus to go spend a month in Africa. I was able to […]

Your Town: (SCENE) Metrospace

[scene1] On the glass facing the street, it says “SEE AND BE.” On the door a red rectangle with a white outline of an eye stares down those waiting in line for Rick’s American Cafe. Inside, things don’t get any less cryptic. The walls are festooned with pieces of scrap paper: notes passed between lovers […]

Spring Fling

This is you: emerging, fresh out of winter hibernation, from the depths of your cluttered room, opening up the blinds and realizing that the weather is beginning to change and you will once again be able to go out into the world and exercise your budding, collegiate social life. Arise, oh lethargic one! The University […]

Your Town: The Offbeat

Ah… the life of the writer: months spent creating works of literary genius, idea after idea rushing through the mind to describing new creative ways articulate life, crumpled up pieces of paper filling the trashcan past the brim, the glow of the computer screen late into the night. And, at long last, the completion of […]

Best You’ve Never Heard: Make Believe

Indie rock cult icon Tim Kinsella has done it again. His new Chicago-based band, Make Believe, is composed of past and present members of bands such as Cap’n Jazz, Owls and Joan of Arc, all of which have gained both critical acclaim and a flock of loyal fans who have followed Kinsella and crew since […]